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    Food & Recipes: June 2007


    Say Cheese...and Wine


    Cheese is great for sharing and ideal for relaxed entertaining. Next time instead of serving a full-blown meal, why not invite friends round for a carefully selected cheeseboard? Most cheeses are excellent to serve as they come. Some specialty bread or crackers and a glass of wine on the side will be enough to make them unforgettable.

    How to prepare a cheeseboard
    Keep it simple. Too many small portions of different cheeses make it difficult to choose. If cheese will be the dessert, choose one hard cheese, one medium-soft, and one blue. For a cheese and wine party, add a second cheese of each kind plus one soft cheese ... Continue reading Say Cheese...and Wine.

    All About Milk--Good for Moms, Good for Kids


    June Dairy Month, an annual tradition developed to celebrate the dairy industry and its many contributions to our society, originated in 1937. The cooperation between farmers and other community members are really the basis of what June Dairy Month is all about.

    Things You Might Not Know About Dairy Products


    Starbucks® uses 2% of the nation's milk in their growing coffee drink business.

    PayDay Pro bars use 15 million pounds of milk annually.

    Turn your glass of milk into a flavor with the new Sipahh™ milk flavoring straws.The milk is sucked through flavor beads and a filter ... Continue reading All About Milk--Good for Moms, Good for Kids.

    Kids' All-Time Favorite Sandwich--Ice Cream!


    By Ansell Hawkins

    The Ice Cream Sandwich, a variation of the Earl of Sandwich's namesake, can be a two-stage affair, either eaten immediately or frozen for snacks later. The cookies are an easy mixing job, although the younger the children the less simple it is. Ice cream scooping may be a great way to get the older siblings to show their dexterity and strength, while the younger ones can place the ice cream scoops and wrap the sandwiches."These ice cream sandwiches that we made are the best," exclaimed the Krabacher kids. The Hannans echoed their sentiments: "What a great cookie recipe!!! It was tough saving enough cookies to make ... Continue reading Kids' All-Time Favorite Sandwich--Ice Cream!.

    Blueberries with Berry Cream: Mama Cooks

    By Betsy Block

    TOTAL TIME: mere minutes

    SERVING SIZE: that depends on how much you like whipped cream ...

    After blueberry picking one fine summer day, we ended up with two quarts of gorgeous, plump, sweet blueberries - that no one really wanted to eat, until nine-year-old E came up with this recipe. Even I like blueberries this way:

    (Recipe by E)

    1 cup cream
    cup blueberries
    3 big strawberries (optional)
    1/3 cup sugar

    Combine all ingredients in food processor until thick 'n creamy, about five minutes. Dollop on top of lots of f ... Continue reading Blueberries with Berry Cream: Mama Cooks.

    Cathy's Caesar Salad

    On hot days, what could be more refreshing than a quick and easy Caesar Salad? This one's pretty low on fat, too.

    On hot days, what could be more refreshing than a quick and easy Caesar Salad? This one's pretty low on fat, too.

    Prep time: 10 minutes


    * 10 big leaves of romaine lettuce - washed, dried, and torn into small pieces
    * 1 tsp. olive oil
    * 2 tsp. parmesan cheese
    * 1/2 tsp. garlic salt (replace with garlic powder to uphold flavor and to cut down on sodium)
    * 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
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    ... Continue reading Cathy's Caesar Salad.