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    Advice, Ideas & Stories: September 2008


    Stephanie Ross and Wendy Lutter, Empoword: Notable Minnesota Moms


    by Julie Burton

    "People need inspiration. In our busy, crazy lives, we need something to focus on that helps us smile throughout the day," says Wendy Lutter, co-founder of Empoword (pronounced empowered), a product-based business that uses words to promote positive thoughts and actions.

    Wendy and co-founder, Stephanie Ross, light up as they share stories of how their Empoword products have made a difference in peoples' lives, which is the main goal of the two women. Whether it is a woman who has had trouble walking for years and starts using her "s ... Continue reading Stephanie Ross and Wendy Lutter, Empoword: Notable Minnesota Moms.

    Mothering on Your Own


    By Janette M. Ayd, Psy.D., LP, Ayd & Cavanagh Psychological Services, Minneapolis

    The first single mother I knew was my grandmother. In 1932, when my father was 10 years old, his father, a fireman, went out on a call one day and never returned home. The pressure of a water hose went astray and my grandfather was hit in the head. He was lost to a traumatic brain injury and his life became a blur. He lived the next 40 years in an institution with no memory of his previous life, his wife, or children. In an instant my grandmother joined the ranks of single ... Continue reading Mothering on Your Own.

    Healthy Babies, One Tiny Bite at a Time


    by Megan Torini

    Organic baby food.

    We all wish we had the time and talent to make it, but face it, a lot of us don't. Heck, the majority of us are so busy, we wish it would just "appear" at the dinner table. We want the best for our babies, but making our own baby food seems like so much work.

    Lori Karis, Owner of Sweet Cheeks Baby Food, loves making organic baby food. Lori's been making organic baby food for over 20 years and is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, so customers can be confident that she knows what she is doing.

    All of the i ... Continue reading Healthy Babies, One Tiny Bite at a Time.

    How To Sell Your Old Stuff Online


    By Jeanne Feldkamp

    From your old clothes that are now considered vintage to that rusting treadmill in the garage, every family has some junk and clutter hanging around. You can always have a garage sale or just give your stuff away. But why not sell it online? That way, you can find a good home for your collection of superhero posters and make some cash at the same time.

    And as an online seller, you won't be alone. According to a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, about 1 in 6 adults -- that's more than 25 million people -- has sold something online. Most post classified ads ... Continue reading How To Sell Your Old Stuff Online.

    Back to School on a Budget: Bargain Shopping for Back to School Supplies and Clothes


    by Megan Torrini

    Kids love summer vacation, but there is also a lot of excitement in the air- new classes, new teachers, new friends and new stuff!

    Parents are ready for the kids to start the school year as well, but all the new clothes, new shoes, new backpacks and new school supplies can add financial stress to an already tight budget.

    So, what to do? First things first. Take stock in what you already have. There's a good chance your kids still have binders, notebooks, pens and pencils still laying around. Don't buy anything new until you inventory all of your kid's cl ... Continue reading Back to School on a Budget: Bargain Shopping for Back to School Supplies and Clothes.