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    Advice, Ideas & Stories: April 2008


    Notable Minnesota Moms: Cassie Wallace


    By Julie Burton

    When Cassie Wallace's son Liam, who is now 4 1/2, was 3 weeks old, he went on a massive nursing binge. After noticing the crazy amounts of nursing that was going on, Cassie's husband John commented, "Wow, he is quite the boob man." Cassie agreed and decided that Liam needed a t-shirt saying just that, so she made him one. Liam's "boob man" t-shirt was a big hit. Cassie explains that Liam was happy to nurse, and his t-shirt was a coy way of telling people: "This is what our life is about right now." At first, when Cassie would notice people reading the t-shirt, she felt the urgent ... Continue reading Notable Minnesota Moms: Cassie Wallace.

    Stay At Home Dad

    By Julie Burton

    Heidi Carpenter is the attorney for Momtalk.com. She has worked for the law firm of Fafinski Mark & Johnson for nine years. Five years ago her life changed a bit as she gave birth to twin girls. And three years ago it would change again when she had another daughter. But one thing didn't change for Heidi, she continued practicing law. When faced with the decision regarding child care for her daughters, Heidi knew that the job would not be hers. "I went to school for seven years, I love what I do, and I did not want to stop," explains Heidi.

    As Heidi and her husband Mi ... Continue reading Stay At Home Dad.

    Thinking About Being a Stay-at-Home Mom?


    By Beth Weinhouse

    Some of us always knew that after a maternity leave we'd be back at work. Others of us knew we wouldn't, and couldn't wait to spend time at home with our young children. But for all the women who go through pregnancy serenely, certain of their path, there are many others who agonize over what to do after the baby comes. Continue the career they always loved? Or stay home with the baby they always will love?

    According to new Census Bureau data, more and more women are opting to stay home with their newborns. Fifty-five percent of women with infants were in the ... Continue reading Thinking About Being a Stay-at-Home Mom?.