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ABC Salt Dough


by Amanda Formaro Making gifts from salt dough is fun and creative. Make these easy salt dough alphabet letters for your teacher. Whether you simply ... Read more

Bright & Easy Spring Crafts


by Deb McLeod Spring is a time for renewal and brightness. We often think about moving furniture around, adding new pictures to the walls and bringi... Read more

Free Fun Online


A lot of people are looking for affordable entertainment these days. In fact, according to a recent Nielsen Online Global Consumer Survey, 56 percent of us are cutti... Read more

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Take a Winning Photo


You don't have to be a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures. With these expert tips from 20-year National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson, you could take the ultimate photo - one that you'll love and that could win you a dream prize:

Work the Reflections - Reflections always add visual drama to pictures and can make an otherwise ordinary scene interesting. But reflections require calm waters, so get out early in the morning before the winds kick up. Also, get lower and closer to the surface of the water to get more reflections. Even a small puddle of water can produce large reflection ... Continue reading Take a Winning Photo.

Easy Ideas for Creating Custom, Memorable Holiday Cards


Even with the popularity of using e-mail, social media, and texting to communicate with friends and family, holiday cards continue to be a time-honored tradition. In fact, according to a survey from holiday cards and thank you cards retailer Cardstore.com, 43 percent of Americans prefer a greeting card from a loved one instead of $10, and 63 percent think sending a special occasion greeting through a social network is inappropriate.

While survey results show most people prefer to receive holiday cards, people mistakenly think that creating these custom cards is time consuming. Thanks to technology, new products, and on ... Continue reading Easy Ideas for Creating Custom, Memorable Holiday Cards.

Transform Your Trash


by Marisa Belger

The jars came first. Instead of sending my growing collection of empty glass receptacles to their usual fate at the bottom of the recycle bin, I did something unexpected -- something wild. I peeled off their labels and plopped them in the dishwasher.

I wanted to see just what would happen if I gave these jars another chance. Full disclosure: I was motivated not only by the thought of transforming trash into something new, something useful, even something cool, but also by the fact that jars were clogging up my kitchen. Transform Your Trash.

Summer Fun with Science


Kids love summer vacation, but parents often find it difficult to keep them engaged in productive activities. And most kids experience a summer learning slump during their time away from school. According to the National Summer Learning Association, at best, students show little or no academic growth over the summer, and at worst they lose one to three months of learning.

It's possible to give kids a fun way to keep up with learning by providing engaging books that feature hands-on activities. Three new books from DK Publishing will help kids of all ages fill their summer with science fun.

"One Million Thi ... Continue reading Summer Fun with Science.

Event Calendar and Much More

Some of you may have been wondering where the MomTalk.com events calendar disappeared to. Well, we have good news and more good news You can now find the calendar on our brand new social networking page, share.momtalk.com. You can even add events for your organization.

That's not all--once you sign up on share.momtalk.com, you'll have access to our new improved forums, live chat, groups, photo uploading and more. Share is brand new, so it's just ready and waiting for you to join and create the kind of social network you want it to be. And please ... Continue reading Event Calendar and Much More.

Marble Magnets: Easy Crafts for Kids


by Deb McLeod

If you are looking for a fun craft consider making marble magnets, which are simple to make but fun and creative. The sheer variety of marble magnet styles makes this a craft that everyone can put their unique stamp on.

Not only are they simple, but marble magnets are also inexpensive to make. Wrap a few up in tissue paper and present them to a teacher or daycare provider and you have crafted a gift that looks like more than it costs. Have the children make their own magnets that you can use to hang their artwork on the fridge. The possibilities with this fun craft are endless.

... Continue reading Marble Magnets: Easy Crafts for Kids.

Plan Now for Summer Fun

by Deb McLeod

Warning, danger. Summer break is right around the corner.

Ok, it's not riiiight around the corner, but it will sneak up and be here before you know it. Are you ready for your kids' summer break? Are you prepared to give them a great break?

Summer break is a special time for kids, and you can do much to ensure that they remember their summer breaks with fondness and laughter.

Summer box

It all starts with the development of a summer box. But warning - after you begin this tradition, your children will look for their box every ... Continue reading Plan Now for Summer Fun.