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    MomShare: October 2009


    Pregnancy, Babies and Your Pets

    Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting days of your life, but being a pet owner there are often many concerns that come along with that. Whether you've got a dog or a cat there are several important things to know about and prepare yourself for both during pregnancy and after baby comes home. In this article you will find information that should help with the transition.

    It is essential during your pregnancy to prepare your dog for the new routine the baby will bring. Sometimes we forget just how many changes there will be from the viewpoint of our pets. Think about it; there are ... Continue reading Pregnancy, Babies and Your Pets.

    Notable Minnesota Moms: Wendy Berezovsky; Sweet Dreams for Kids


    By Wendy Berezovsky

    When our daughter, Chaya Dalya, was born four years ago, her upper lip looked puffy.  At first they thought it was from the delivery but as the swelling did not go down, our panic began to rise.  We brought in an ear, nose, and throat doctor and our newborn baby had her first MRI at five days old.  It took a while to get a conclusive diagnosis but when Chaya Dalya, was two-and-a-half months old, our worst fear was confirmed.  I still remember the day the ENT called (our oldest child's birthday), "It looks like cancer," he said.  "It is a very rare type so ... Continue reading Notable Minnesota Moms: Wendy Berezovsky; Sweet Dreams for Kids.