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5 Ways to Give Your Feet First Class Treatment

feet.jpg new_3.gif Does a long day in heels leave your feet begging for mercy? Are your toes suffering from long days without a break? We often take time to get a manicure or moisturize our face, but for some reason we neglect one of the most used parts of our body. If your feet are long over due for some TLC, treat them to one of these great feet friendly pampering ideas.

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Are You a Yummy Mummy?

Saw this article in the San Antonio Express-News and thought it might have something to say to all of us moms, not just those trying to be the youngest, the hippest of moms. Let's face it, some of us weren't all that ab fab before we had kids!

Celebrity moms put the pressure on ordinary mothers to look swell.

SAN ANTONIO - It wasn't all that long ago that baby boomer mothers embraced the soccer mom icon, with her elastic waistband jeans and big, bulky sweaters. That stereotype was lampooned on "Saturday Night Live," which did a spoof on "mom jeans." ("Because I'm not a woman, I'm a mother.") Read More »

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Expert Ideas for Surprising Someone this Valentine's Day

hearts.jpg There's a reason why generation after generation has found truth in the saying, "You'll find love when you stop looking for it," or, "Love will happen when you least expect it." The idea of love sneaking up on you and letting the "forces that be" take over in the love department has worked for many couples.

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I Need to Go Back to School if I Expect to Earn More – Think Again

The door has been unlocked. There are more women than ever in high-paying jobs. Yet most working women, even those in management, are clustered into predominately female jobs and career paths. These women are almost always lower-paid than men and women who work in male-dominated positions. None of us can single-handedly change the way things operate in corporate America. But, we can change jobs. If we want to earn more money, the most assured way is to do the jobs which pay more. You are much more prepared to do this than you may think. Awareness is the first step. Many of us need to see the workplace as it really is. Read More »

The Laws Of Partnership

My partner, Christine Harvey, and I have several "rules" in our partnership that dictate how we interact and what we expect of each other. These guidelines we do business by allow us to make decisions on our own that we know are in line with our partner. They also allow us to grow exponentially with little or no friction in our relationship and clear long-term expectations.

1. The Law of Disagreement: Christine and I learned early on that the moment we disagreed on something, we had the opportunity to get to an even better solution. We would talk through our two different approaches and found that we always came to a much better solution.

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