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    Relationships & Marriage: February 2007

    Spouse Smarts


    By Elizabeth Wells

    So, you think you know your spouse. Could you correctly answer 20 questions about his or her favorite things? Most people are surprised that after many years of marriage their answers are off target.

    Test your knowledge about your spouse's favorite things by spending an evening together creating flash cards. Create two sets of index-sized cards on which to write questions and answers. One set should have your answers and on the other set, write what you think will be your spouse's answer. The cards are a gold mine of gift ideas for future thoughtful surprises.

    Spouse Smarts.

    Moving Forward as a Mother and a Daughter


    By Christine McLaughlin

    Having a child changes everything -- not only your everyday life, but all of your relationships. How you relate to your spouse, your friends, and perhaps most notably, your mother, completely changes.

    "You are no longer just your mom's daughter, but you're a mom in your own right," says relationship expert Sandra Reishus, author of Oh NO! I've Become My Mother (McGraw Hill). "You have a new role to establish with YOUR mom, which can be uncomfortable in the beginning."

    Chances are, you are going to want to parent somewhat differently from how your parents did. This will not go ... Continue reading Moving Forward as a Mother and a Daughter.

    Expert Ideas for Surprising Someone this Valentine's Day


    There's a reason why generation after generation has found truth in the saying, "You'll find love when you stop looking for it," or, "Love will happen when you least expect it." The idea of love sneaking up on you and letting the "forces that be" take over in the love department has worked for many couples.

    The belief that spontaneity can bring good things in life has also proven true in the non-romantic sense as well. There are countless stories of people receiving a card from a friend at a time when a quick pick-me-up was very much needed and appreciated. It's the pay-it-forward idea coupled with the golden rule that often produ ... Continue reading Expert Ideas for Surprising Someone this Valentine's Day.