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    Fashion & Beauty: January 2009

    How to Stay Hot This Winter!

    By Jon Charles of Jon Charles Salon, Mpls.

    Ready to revamp your hair color? Let's make a change! Summertime lead us down a course of blonde, blonder and blondest! Though they were bright, flirty, and fun for summer, fall has brought us back to very rich, luxurious pigments with lots of shine. Winter trends will enhance the rich fall chocolate browns and caramel tone hair colors. Single-process hair color with a few highlights seems to be a continuous theme this year.

    If you want to add a little pizzazz to your look try full-bodied true red tones like Debra Messing, or illustrious orange-re ... Continue reading How to Stay Hot This Winter!.

    Friendly Fashion Forays for Not-So Friendly Economic Times: Feisty Fashion Girl


    by Josi Wert Javinsky

    Okay, so we are all in a pinch. Who has found themselves using the almost black-bananas when you used to toss those (just put a little yogurt over them!), and fishing change out of the bottom of your wallet to subsidize that latte? I know it's not just me. Everyone I talk to lately is on hard times and yet when that happens, people inevitably need some things to cheer them up that do not cost a lot of money. This is when good accessories really make the grade.

    Can't quite swing that $1,000 Burberry overcoat this winter? Worry Not, Recessionsistas.

    ... Continue reading Friendly Fashion Forays for Not-So Friendly Economic Times: Feisty Fashion Girl.

    Top 5 Bets for Women Who Don't Want Cosmetic Surgery


    by Deb McLeod

    More and more, the women around you have features that are creeping back up. That is, the breasts aren't so saggy anymore and the facial lines seem to disappear. Those wrinkles above the forehead? Gone. It's clear that nearly everyone has sought out some form of surgical intervention. Except you, that is.

    What can you do if you want to achieve some of the same results but not go under the knife (or needle)? There are a few simple changes you can make that will provide results that somewhat mimic cosmetic surgery. Let's look at the top 5 most beneficial.

    1 ... Continue reading Top 5 Bets for Women Who Don't Want Cosmetic Surgery.