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    Fashion & Beauty: August 2008

    Give Yourself a Hand - Advice for Maintaining Beautiful Hands


    By Alpha Del Bosque

    Maintaining beautiful hands is important for maintaining a youthful look at any age. Your hands get the most exposure and show your age the most, so care of them is care for your age. Knowing how to maintain your hands as you age is the best way to make sure they look your best and that you, in turn, look your youngest and best.

    As you enter your 20's, your hands look young and healthy for the most part. This is your skin's glory years as it is likely yours overall. While in your 20's is the best time to start preventing the effects of aging, because you don't yet have to worry about tr ... Continue reading Give Yourself a Hand - Advice for Maintaining Beautiful Hands.

    Shopping and More Shopping: Feisty Fashion Girl


    OK, people.....I could say I've been around the world and "ay, yai, yai", which is not totally true but I DO feel as though I sort of did a major march through MANY of the Twin Cities boutiques last weekend and I feel ready to report.

    Now, I need to preface this by reminding you that was in retail for almost 25 years and owned my own store for 12 of those, so I am a critic, albeit, an educated one. I know what it takes to do well in the industry and that is what I am basing a lot of my observations on for this piece. Having said that: I give you my take on a couple of the new kids on the block:

    ... Continue reading Shopping and More Shopping: Feisty Fashion Girl.

    The 2008 Fall Palette - For Hair Color


    By Jon Charles Salon LLC

    There are many factors that go into determining fall hair color trends. This year, there are a few new things to consider: the previous long, cold winter and this short summer where everyone tries to cram in as much SUMMER as possible. Mainly, people get a little too much sun, and/or they over-blonde their hair in an effort to get the most out of the diminutive summer.

    Fall trends are heading for a Zen-like, healthy look. I believe we will be looking for comfort and health. Look for healthier, richer, warmer tones and get rid of the over- processed summer highlights. ... Continue reading The 2008 Fall Palette - For Hair Color.

    Keep Your Eyes Beautiful With Safe Makeup Tips


    (NAPSI)-Department store and drugstore makeup aisles are filled with a tempting array of makeup colors and products for the eyes. But knowing how to apply and remove eye makeup properly will not only make your eyes beautiful; it will also protect your vision as well.

    "Makeup is a part of many women's everyday routine, but they should be aware that improperly applied makeup is a risk to the eye," says Cynthia Bradford, M.D., clinical correspondent for the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Oklahoma. "Even something as simple as testing a sample at the ma ... Continue reading Keep Your Eyes Beautiful With Safe Makeup Tips.