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    Just for me: June 2009


    The Lighter Side of Nature-Inspired Home Decor


    If the words "nature-inspired decor" make you think of muted wall hues or overwrought floral fabrics, it's time to rethink your take on this hot design trend.

    Nature-inspired design can certainly be soothing, sedate and traditional, but a plethora of new products and techniques is also bringing the bold, bright and fun side of nature indoors. Whether it's a throw pillow that looks like birch bark or a full wall mural of green bamboo, nature's brighter side is spicing up modern American decor.

    If you're looking for fun, funky ways to bring the brighter side of nature-inspired design into your home, here ar ... Continue reading The Lighter Side of Nature-Inspired Home Decor.

    Summer Project: Your Family's Finances


    by Christina Boyd, Merrill Lynch Senior Financial Advisor in Wayzata, MN

    Getting a hold of your family's finances may seem like a daunting task, especially in these economic times. But it is important that we all take time to evaluate our family's financial footing so we can make smart choices about our saving and spending - especially now.

    As we know from our busy lives, the better organized and knowledgeable we are, the more in control we will feel and the better prepared we will be to handle unexpected situations. Although it may not be the most fun summer project, getting a handle on yo ... Continue reading Summer Project: Your Family's Finances.

    Seven Secrets to Affair-Proofing Your Marriage


    By Barbara Calvi, LMFT

    Do you know the pitfalls that make your marriage vulnerable to an extramarital affair? There are certain dangers that do make a marriage more vulnerable to an affair occurring.

    Research shows that most people who become involved in an affair did not intend to. In fact, most say they consider having an affair is against their values. Research also shows that over half of affairs occur in the workplace. Most of these affairs seem to blossom because good people don't know the pitfalls and danger signs. They become too chummy with a coworker and intimacy grows slow ... Continue reading Seven Secrets to Affair-Proofing Your Marriage.