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    Just for me: March 2009


    Tips for Getting Room Color Right


    There's nothing quite like committing to a paint color only to find that once it's on the walls, it looks nothing like you envisioned. Or, you realize too late that while you may love the color orange, it really doesn't work as a living room wall color. Or maybe you just can't decide which color is right for your bedroom.

    Color dilemmas happen all the time, causing more than a little frustration.

    The first thing to keep in mind is that light has a huge influence on color. Fluorescent light brings out the blues and greens while making reds look duller. Incandescent lighting - like what you have in your home ... Continue reading Tips for Getting Room Color Right.

    Have a Mother-Daughter Spa Day


    by Nicole LaMarco

    Catch up with your daughter and spend some quality time with a spa day. You have two options with having a mother and daughter spa day. One, you could spend a day at a local spa, or you could have your own spa day at home.

    How to Have a Spa Day with Your Daughter Locally
    If you want to have a spa day with your daughter at a local spa you will need to call around to local spas and ask about a mother and daughter spa day package. Most spas now have these packages. Ask about refreshments and meals, considering you will be there for the day. Ask to have ... Continue reading Have a Mother-Daughter Spa Day.

    Americans Lack Adequate Economic & Financial Knowledge

    economic literacy

    A recent survey by the Center for Economic and Entrepreneurial Literacy (Econ4U.org) revealed an urgent need for increased education on personal finance and economic issues.

    The survey found an overwhelming number of Americans are unable to answer some of the most basic questions about borrowing, interest rates and even simple math. What's more, many people admitted to making poor decisions with their own personal finances.

    The survey showed that just one in four adults know that if they need a quick $100 to cover an expense, overdrawing their checking account is more expensive than a payday loan, credit card ... Continue reading Americans Lack Adequate Economic & Financial Knowledge.

    Make Your Home Business Better

    small business

    For anyone who is interested in starting a home business or is looking to improve theirs, there is good news. There are more technologies available than ever to make generating income easier and less expensive. Here are a few to consider:

    Make sure you stand out - To make unique and fully customized business cards, postcards, thank you cards and other products to brand your company, check out printing companies such as MOO.com (www.moo.com). High quality products can help your brand get noticed without breaking the bank. Make sure you are remembered after the first meeting with a business card that's co ... Continue reading Make Your Home Business Better.