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    Just for me: November 2007


    Revolutionize Your Relationship


    By Julia Tolliver Maranan

    Even the most loving partner does annoying things (yes, you do them too!). Ignore them -- or handle them incorrectly -- and the tension can wreak havoc on an otherwise harmonious relationship. Barry McCarthy, PhD, psychology professor at American University and author of Getting It Right the First Time: Creating a Healthy Marriage (Brunner-Routledge), offers practical solutions to help you handle some of the most common problem spots.

    Problem: You ask him to do (or stop doing) something and he doesn't do it.
    Relationship Rx: Make a clear request -- not a dem ... Continue reading Revolutionize Your Relationship.

    Head to Toe Winter Skin Care


    Whether you love it or hate it, winter can be a horrible season for skin health. The cold temperatures, wind, and snow can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, and uncomfortable. Don't spend the next few months nursing your skin, instead be proactive and treat the problems before they start. Here are some great tips to make sure your skin stays healthy and smooth all season long.

    • Stay Protected: It seems that this can't be stressed enough. Just because your bathing suits and tanning oils are packed away until next summer doesn't mean you can forget about sun block. The sun's rays are just as destructive in th ... Continue reading Head to Toe Winter Skin Care.

    Know Your Limits and Retain Your Sanity This Holiday Season

    by Jill Frank

    You know the look -- and it is coming straight for you. Someone is going to ask you to do something. Before this person can even get their request out, your mind is racing for a plausible excuse, never pausing to actually consider the truth. It could be as simple as purchasing a gift or as complex as coordinating the holiday program, but you just can't take on one more task. And for some reason, that doesn't seem to be a good enough reason to say no.

    As if you don't have enough on your to-do list, throw in the holidays and you can quickly become inundated. With shopping, decorating, parties and f ... Continue reading Know Your Limits and Retain Your Sanity This Holiday Season.

    The Color Conundrum: Eight Paint Tips to Beautify Your Home


    A fresh coat of paint is a great way to change the look and feel of a home, and it's important that the thought process include more than just color schemes. Lisa LaPorta, designer and co-host of HGTV's "Designed to Sell," along with KILZ Casual Colors paint, offer expert tips for repainting your home.

    1. Don't Fear Change...or Color
    There are no rules about color when it comes to your own home. Using neutral or earth tones for larger, more permanent or more expensive items like the sofa will allow you to experiment with paint and colorful accessories to liven up your personal space. Many people fear dark and bo ... Continue reading The Color Conundrum: Eight Paint Tips to Beautify Your Home.

    7 Midlife Giveaways That You Look Frumpy After 40


    by Deborah Boland

    Do you look in the mirror and feel like a frump because you know that you've let yourself go? Want to pinpoint exactly what it is that's making you look old so you can finally do something about it? Here are the 7 Sure Signs you're Looking Frumpy after 40.

    1. You Resemble a Tent Baggy clothes that hide your entire body make you look old and matronly. Show off the parts of your body you still like (for: example your bust) and cover up only the parts you don't (your hips). Don't use oversized clothes as a gigantic blanket to hide behind. Switch to more fitted clothing (but n ... Continue reading 7 Midlife Giveaways That You Look Frumpy After 40.

    Beauty Bust? What to do if You're in a Beauty Rut


    When was the last time you changed the way you do your makeup or style your hair? The old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it," may work for a lot of things, but your style isn't always one of them. Many of us get into a beauty rut and find that the years go by but our style, for better or worse, stays the same. While it's good to know what works for you and what doesn't, it's not a good idea to rely on those things day in and day out for ten, twenty, or even thirty years. Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out if you're stuck in a beauty rut and what to do if you are.

    Are you in a rut?

    ... Continue reading Beauty Bust? What to do if You're in a Beauty Rut.