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Preserving Your Relationship Once Baby Arrives


by Tracey T. Serebin Whether you are expecting your first child or your second, as you are gearing up for the arrival of this little bundle of joy, ... Read more

Natural Alternatives for a Wrinkle-free Complexion


by Kassie Kuehl Think organically! Natural alternatives to anti-aging, wrinkles, toxins and modalities as we uniquely age. One of the mo... Read more

Women Starting Over


How to take charge of your financial future
Women are more educated, earn higher incomes and have a more powerful role in the workplace than women of p... Read more

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Just for me


Tracking Down College Scholarships


We hear often from parents, "I'd love for my son/daughter to get accepted to their dream school...but I'm very nervous about how to pay for it."

Even if you're in a more comfortable income bracket, scholarships can go a long way to making the college-going years less of a financial burden. Here are our top tips on getting started:

The Internet
Scholarpro.com and Zinch.com are both great resources for scholarshi ... Continue reading Tracking Down College Scholarships.

Moms on the Run in the Twin Cities


Women all over the Twin Cities are dropping pounds, making new friends, and improving their health. Their secret? Moms on the Run! Designed for all fitness levels, Moms on the Run was initially created to move even the most inactive woman towards lifestyle change and give her the confidence and training structure to complete a 5K Race. Now in its fifth year of operation right here in the Twin Cities, Moms on the Run offers a structured 18-week training program in 12 metro locations.

If you've been waiting for the motivation to get your start as a runner, this class is for you. Programs are available for walkers, beginning a ... Continue reading Moms on the Run in the Twin Cities.

Quick Fixes to Save on Heating and Cooling


The average family spends $1500 a year on energy bills, nearly half of which goes to heating and cooling, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A home energy audit and some quick fixes can save some of that hard-earned money.

The EPA estimates that homeowners can typically save up to 20 percent of heating and cooling costs by air sealing their homes and adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces and accessible basement rim joints.

Conduct an energy audit to identify spots where energy is lost through gaps and cracks. Start in your basement and move upwards. Look for both vi ... Continue reading Quick Fixes to Save on Heating and Cooling.

Transform Your Trash


by Marisa Belger

The jars came first. Instead of sending my growing collection of empty glass receptacles to their usual fate at the bottom of the recycle bin, I did something unexpected -- something wild. I peeled off their labels and plopped them in the dishwasher.

I wanted to see just what would happen if I gave these jars another chance. Full disclosure: I was motivated not only by the thought of transforming trash into something new, something useful, even something cool, but also by the fact that jars were clogging up my kitchen. Transform Your Trash.

Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum 2011 - 10 Fitness Tips


10 fitness tips from the upcoming fitness video game, Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum 2011 exclusively for the Wii this November. 

1.       Exercise does more than just tone your body, it boosts self esteem, improves mood and revs up metabolism.  So suck it up and get moving!

2.       If you are looking to shed those last stubborn pounds, you need to increase the intensity of your workouts.    Try working at 85% of your Maximum Heart Rate for optimal results.

3.       Getting bored with that same old exercise routine?  Chances are you body is too.  It's probably time to ... Continue reading Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum 2011 - 10 Fitness Tips.

The Bride! The Groom! The Kids? Second-Time-Around


This is another in our series of articles about dating and mating for single moms. You can also join the single moms discussion in our MomTalk.com forums.

By Chris Grannis

You have done the groundwork, laid the foundations, and now you and your partner, are ready to announce the big day. All your hard work has paid off and the families are gelling well and are accepting of this new phase in their relationships. This is an exciting time in your life and the future looks rosy. After putting in so much ... Continue reading The Bride! The Groom! The Kids? Second-Time-Around.

New and Improved: The Jegging


By Donna Duarte-Ladd

By now, you've heard that a revamped legging is hitting the stores for fall. This season, the skinny jean has gotten even skinnier. And denim lovers will either rejoice or cringe when the revamped jeggings -- jeans that fit like leggings -- hit the stores. Gone are the faux back pockets and front zipper. And thick leggings with airbrushed denim "color" have been given a full makeover.
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... Continue reading New and Improved: The Jegging.