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    Women's Health: August 2008


    Take Charge of Your Health!


    By Michael Castleman

    You're sick. Or something has been bothering you. Or it's time for your annual checkup. You make an appointment to see your doctor.

    Years ago, that was it. The doctor asked some questions, examined you, ordered some tests, maybe gave you a prescription and then sent you on your way.

    No longer. Today, doctors have a multitude of high-tech diagnostic tests and treatment options to draw on, and patients are bombarded with health information (some reliable, some not) everywhere they turn. Add the fact that both doctors and patients have much less of another cr ... Continue reading Take Charge of Your Health!.

    Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough

    Ovarian cancer. It's called the silent killer, and less than half of women diagnosed with it will live five years. But now, a special kind of chemotherapy lets them live longer.

    Grandmother Mable Parr should be a natural at driving a videogame racecar. For 21 years, she drove a school bus and a tractor. But last July, she hit a life-changing bump. "Every time I hit a rut, I had pain. So, I went to the doctor, and I had a CTscan, and it was ovarian cancer," she says.

    Parr had surgery to remove the tumor and is now getting a special kind of chemotherapy. Along with standard chemo given through an IV ... Continue reading Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough.

    Are You Fit or Fat?


    By Michael Castleman

    It's hard to resist quick-and-dirty medical tests. After all, they're fast, easy, cheap and noninvasive. The only problem is that their accuracy is limited. For the past several decades, the standard quick-and-dirty test for obesity has been the Body Mass Index (BMI): Multiply your weight in pounds by 703, and divide the result by the square of your height in inches. A normal BMI is 18.5 to 25; anything over that means you're overweight. Sure it's easy -- all you need is a calculator -- but is it accurate?

    Flaws in the Formula

    More and more, expe ... Continue reading Are You Fit or Fat?.