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    Feature Stories: January 2009

    Parenting: the Comedy

    We know Mrs. Hughes has been around for a while, but if you haven't seen her riff on parenting, enjoy. First of all, it's inspiring to know she began her career as a comic when she was almost 50. Second, she's really funny.

    ... Continue reading Parenting: the Comedy.

    Feeling Fatigued? Try Exercise!

    exercise helps fatigue

    by Karen Asp

    You're exhausted. Not only have the shorter days and lack of sunshine sapped your energy, you're also wiped out from the holidays. The last thing you want to do is exercise. Yet here's the irony: A new study confirms that just a little bit of physical activity -- even a brief stroll -- will combat fatigue and give you an instant rush of energy that will last for hours.

    More Exercise, Less Fatigue
    Researchers from the University of Georgia recently took 36 fatigued non-exercisers and assigned them to one of three groups. For six weeks, one group did 20 min ... Continue reading Feeling Fatigued? Try Exercise!.

    Susie Bazil:Notable Minnesota Mom--The Sick Bug


    by Julie Burton

    Susie Bazil, wife, mother of three (Sam 8, Jamie 6, Tess 4), part-time attorney, and now author is a talented, strong, and determined woman whose energy is literally contagious and inspiring. When talking about her book, she is....giddy, in sort of a "LOOK, LOOK, I REALLY DID IT!" kind of a way. And she deserves to be proud. She took an idea, turned it into a story, found someone who could make her words come to life through pictures, and turned it into a book. And "The Sick Bug" is a GREAT book. My four-year-old has yet to get sick of it and continues to request it even after ... Continue reading Susie Bazil:Notable Minnesota Mom--The Sick Bug.

    Do You Have a Pleasure Deficit?

    By Jacquelyn B. Fletcher

    Last Tuesday a series of things happened that made me realize I am experiencing a pleasure deficit. First, I had a lunch with some really groovy folks. Jocelyn Hale, the Executive Director of the Loft Literary Center, Dennis Cass, the author of the hilarious and fantastic book Head Case, and Pilar Gerasimo, Editor-in-Chief of Experience Life magazine. We were discussing an article in the December issue of Experience Life called A Real Pleasure in which the staff of the magazine describe how all the latest research in the fields of positive psychology, neurology, and psychoneuroimmunolog ... Continue reading Do You Have a Pleasure Deficit?.