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    Feature Stories: October 2008

    The Kids Clothes Battleground: You're Not Going Out Like That!


    by Katriena Knights

    We've all heard it--on a TV show, in a movie, or coming out of our own mouths--"You are not leaving this house looking like that." Whether it's too much make-up, clothes that seem too adult, or pants that hang so far down that everyone knows what brand of underwear your son wears, the battle over your child's appearance is a universal one.

    Though the problem of kids' clothes and make-up is generally associated with teens, the difficulties start earlier and earlier these days. Even my ten year-old daughter's new fifth grade teacher brought up too-revealing clothing and mak ... Continue reading The Kids Clothes Battleground: You're Not Going Out Like That!.

    Halloween Haunts in the Twin Cities

    by Megan Torrini

    Halloween is just around the corner- BOO! Here are some creepy haunts around the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that are sure to make for a fun fright night.

    7410 Highway 212 West
    Chaska, MN

    Located in Chaska, Screamtown is one of the largest haunted events in the Twin cities. This is a scary place- ages 10 and up.

    Klown House
    Never underestimate the creep factor of these circus folk. The name should give you an idea of wh ... Continue reading Halloween Haunts in the Twin Cities.

    Picture Perfect: Turn Photos Into Unique Holiday Gifts


    Personalized gifts are always a hit with family and friends. In today's digital era, it's easy to create custom products at an affordable price. One place you're sure to find inspiration for a meaningful gift is in your stash of photos. According to J.D. Power and Associates, digital camera owners shoot an average of 159 images a month. That's nearly 2,000 images a year. With all those photos to select from, here are a few unique gift ideas that can be created using only your digital photos and a little creativity.

    Personalized Postcards, Note Cards and Stickers - Delight your friends and family with a ... Continue reading Picture Perfect: Turn Photos Into Unique Holiday Gifts.