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    Family: November 2008


    Improv Parenting


    By Jenny Runkel

    "Life is a stage and we are all players in it."
    -William Shakespeare

    Parenting really is similar to theater, if you think about it. In the space of two hours, you can experience comedy, drama, tragedy, and maybe even a nude scene or two (depending on the age of your child). There is however, one critical difference: in parenting there is no script. Life sure would be easier if there were, but it just doesn't work that way. Try as you might, no scene you envision with your child will go exactly according to plan. That's because kids have an uncanny ability to sh ... Continue reading Improv Parenting.

    Financial Woes: How to Talk to Kids When Money is Tight

    Everybody's talking about money these days: House prices are going down; more families are facing foreclosure on their mortgages; gas prices, energy prices, and grocery bills are all going up -- and uncertainty over when things will take a turn for the better is making everyone tighten their belts.

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    ... Continue reading Financial Woes: How to Talk to Kids When Money is Tight.

    Single Parenting for the Holidays

    Do more than just survive the holidays

    by Katriena Knights

    It's the ultimate family time--the holidays bring everyone together for meals, gift giving, catching up with relatives, showing off the kids--but your family isn't quite what it used to be. You're a single mom now, and all the usual family holiday traditions don't fit quite right anymore.

    You can still have a happy holiday, though. If you're recently divorced, it might take a few seasons to get into a pattern you're comfortable with, but there are some ways to make the adjustment a little easier, and the holid ... Continue reading Single Parenting for the Holidays.

    Holiday Stress: It's Not Just for Parents Anymore


    Heather MacLeod, LICSW
    Children's Physician Network

    It's no secret that holidays can be stressful for adults: Family gatherings, elaborate meals, holiday shopping... It's often something we look forward to, only to suffer utter exhaustion when it's all over. So how can families help kids from becoming stressed and over-tired in the midst of all the typical festivities?

    1. Plan ahead, but stay flexible. Believe it or not, holidays are not the time for big surprises. Unwrapping gifts is one thing, but a surprise cross-country trip is another: Knowing what to expect in ge ... Continue reading Holiday Stress: It's Not Just for Parents Anymore.