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    Family: October 2007


    Parenting Time is Not Your Time

    Diane C. Shearer, M.A.

    Contrary to the popular belief of many divorced parents, assigned time with their children belongs to the children, not the parents. Oftentimes, parents get upset, for instance, because the other parent has signed up their child for soccer or ballet lessons that take place on their weekend. Then they complain that it's unfair that their children have to be involved in activities on "my time."

    Part of this frustration stems from the word "visitation" that has been used by the court system for years. Most professionals are trying to get away from the concept of visitation to one ... Continue reading Parenting Time is Not Your Time.

    Stepping Toward the Holidays: Stepmom


    Prepare for the festive season with creativity and flexibility

    By Jacquelyn B. Fletcher

    There are few times of year as emotionally loaded as the holidays. For many families, what should be a time of laughter and sharing turns into a turf war and popularity contest. For kids stuck in the middle of two households, it can be a time rife with stress as each side battles for its own traditions, leaving the child in the middle to make sense of it all.

    Meanwhile, the adults have good intentions. We all want to make sure the kids are learning the spirit of the holidays and bui ... Continue reading Stepping Toward the Holidays: Stepmom.

    Halloween 'Howl To's'


    As Halloween approaches, the seasonal "to-do" list, typically marked with finding the perfect costume and trick-or-treat route, is a bit more complicated with the growing need to protect the environment and manage household budgets. In preparing for your neighborhood ghosts and goblins, try these easy tips and tricks to "go green," and spend less on your families' spook-tacular celebration.

    Howl to be Green

    Incorporating small changes into your holiday preparation will go a long way to create an eco-friendly Halloween. Whether you're hosting a party or adding colorful flare to the home or office ... Continue reading Halloween 'Howl To's'.

    The Family-Friendly Kitchen


    By Julia Tolliver Maranan

    Whether the kitchen serves as family central or you use it just for cooking and eating, you want to be happy and comfortable there. Dawn Ritchie and Kathryn Robyn, authors of The Emotional House (New Harbinger) and owners of a home consulting practice in Los Angeles offer simple tips to help you organize and redecorate your kitchen to fit your family's personality and needs.

    Focus on function "Lifestyle dictates design style," says Ritchie. First pinpoint what would make the space operate efficiently and comfortably. "Spend time in your kitchen with a friend or spouse and ident ... Continue reading The Family-Friendly Kitchen.