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Best 1-Bowl Holiday Cookie Recipes

by Gail Belsky

There's the warm and fuzzy image of holiday baking with your kids, and then there's reality: smeared hands, gloppy spills and flour everywhere. You can't escape the mess altogether, but these one-bowl cookie recipes will help you minimize it -- while maximizing the fun. They're quick, easy and virtually stress-free. Try them:

... Continue reading Best 1-Bowl Holiday Cookie Recipes

Sniffle-proof your whole family

This isn't just the start of holiday season; it's germ season as well. That's why many of us will be hacking away and looking a lot like Rudolph before winter is over. "The average adult gets one to three respiratory illnesses each year, and women, especially if they're moms, tend to catch even more," says Charles Gerba, an environmental microbiologist at the University of Arizona and ... Continue reading Sniffle-proof your whole family

Easing Holiday Stress for Service Members

Holidays can be difficult for anyone. For Service members coping with invisible wounds and members of the National Guard or Reserve who return to civilian lives that do not involve those with whom they served, this time of year can be especially stressful.

"Citizen Warriors may feel isolated following deployment, and large events such as holiday parties can ... Continue reading Easing Holiday Stress for Service Members

Easy Ideas for Creating Custom, Memorable Holiday Cards

Even with the popularity of using e-mail, social media, and texting to communicate with friends and family, holiday cards continue to be a time-honored tradition. In fact, according to a survey from holiday cards and thank you cards retailer, 43 percent of Americans prefer a greeting card from a loved one instead of $10, and 63 percent think sending a special occasi ... Continue reading Easy Ideas for Creating Custom, Memorable Holiday Cards

I Love Thanksgiving

by Sharon MacDonell

Just when I thought we had no Thanksgiving tradition at all, my daughter taught me that tradition is simply whatever we do.

When I was a kid my mother rose early on Thanksgiving morning to wrestle with the turkey and jam it full of rosemary-scented stuffing before putting it in the oven. The house smelled of ... Continue reading I Love Thanksgiving

Keeping Fit Over the Holidays

By Nancy Gottesman

Amid parties and presents, decorating and travel, and the general holiday hubbub, finding time to exercise can be a real challenge. "Exercise requires discipline, and it can be difficult to hold strong with so many holiday celebrations and obligations," notes Jenny Breuer, director of the fitness and wellness programs at Trinity Uni ... Continue reading Keeping Fit Over the Holidays

What's Cooking This Month

Check out Jessica Mostak's Monthly Meal Planner, filled with menu ideas & recipes for every day of the month. Right now, you can see what's cooking in December.

Jes Mostak, a Twin Cities resident and creator of Monthly Meal Planner has this to say about the all-important family dinner: ... Continue reading What's Cooking This Month

Gifts That Give Back

Imagine going to a big box store this holiday season that only sells gifts that educate girls in Afghanistan, house homeless veterans in the Bronx or offer microloans for rice farmers in India.

With the holiday season upon us, more parents are looking for gifts that truly "give back." So, check out this great "Unwrap ... Continue reading Gifts That Give Back

Approach Alcohol Consumption with Caution During the Holidays: Your Health

By Rallie McAllister

As the holiday season approaches, many Americans will be celebrating with a glass of good cheer. While drinking a little alcohol can help you relax and enjoy the festivities, drinking a little too much can lead to embarrassing lapses in judgment, among other undesirable consequences.

If you don't want to end up wearing ... Continue reading Approach Alcohol Consumption with Caution During the Holidays: Your Health

Holiday Menu and Entertaining Tips

It's no secret we're still in an economic crisis and this year, people everywhere are looking for ways to stretch their holiday meal dollars without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

Moms who work and live on Midwest dairy farms, like Barb Liebenstein of Dundas, Minn., are working with the Midwest Dairy Council to share tips for delicious, nutrient-rich, money-smart ho ... Continue reading Holiday Menu and Entertaining Tips

Tickets to Ordway's 2009-10 Season are on Sale Now

Tickets to all Ordway Center for the Performing Arts' 2009-10 performances officially go on sale to the general public Sunday, September 13. Ordway's season calendar includes a first-time national tour, an Ordway-produced Disney classic, a hilarious and interactive holiday performance, a Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winner, a seven-time 2008 Tony Award-winning musical and a se ... Continue reading Tickets to Ordway's 2009-10 Season are on Sale Now

Weirdest School Rules

by Nicole LaMarco

The inspiration for this article came from a rule at my daughters' school that I was not aware of before. The rule is that the children are NOT allowed to stay inside during recess unless they are being punished. I was told the kids need to go outside and run around for a little while. While I do understand this, I think this is a we ... Continue reading Weirdest School Rules

Budget Vacations in Iffy Economic Times

by Angela Heidt

Given current economic conditions, many families are choosing to forgo annual vacations in favor of saving in case of emergency. While such frugality is admirable, for some of us a vacation is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity. We often lose sight that vacations provide essential benefits. Getting away from it all for even a fe ... Continue reading Budget Vacations in Iffy Economic Times

Easter After the Bunny

by Deb McLeod

Easter can be a fun time for young children. Maybe it's the allure of the Easter bunny or the promise of a basket full of candy, but whatever it is, Easter appeals greatly to the young child.

Older kids might understand the true meaning of Easter and celebrate that, but feel left out of all the other festivities. How can y ... Continue reading Easter After the Bunny

Parents in Love: How to Model a Loving Marriage for Your Children

by Jean Tracy, MSS

Marriage and parenting require modeling listening skills. When your partner speaks, do you listen, interrupt, or walk away? What do your children see? Look inside to find out what one successful couple did.

Ed and Marilyn, married over 25 years, meet my husband, Jim, and me at a fancy restaurant every year for a h ... Continue reading Parents in Love: How to Model a Loving Marriage for Your Children

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One During Valentine's Day

By Louise Zweben, CEO of


Valentines Day's, anniversaries, birthdays and the holiday season are especially difficult if you have recently lost a loved one.   It is normal to be depressed during these days, as you think of the times you spent together, knowing that those days with that special person are now in the past.  The best gift ... Continue reading Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One During Valentine's Day

Feeling Fatigued? Try Exercise!

by Karen Asp

You're exhausted. Not only have the shorter days and lack of sunshine sapped your energy, you're also wiped out from the holidays. The last thing you want to do is exercise. Yet here's the irony: A new study confirms that just a little bit of physical activity -- even a brief stroll -- will combat fatigue and give you an instant rush of e ... Continue reading Feeling Fatigued? Try Exercise!

Skate the Night Away for a Good Cause

Looking for a fun way to get exercise and help kids at the same time? Roller Garden in St. Louis Park, Minn. has a perfect activity for you and your family! On Sunday, January 18 the skating rink is celebrating its 40th anniversary by hosting a skating fundraiser for Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare.

All ages are welcome! Roller Garden encourages moms, ... Continue reading Skate the Night Away for a Good Cause

FrugalMom's Tips for Children's Clothes

By Angela Heidt

When I found out that I was pregnant, one of the first thoughts I had (after "oops") was how much fun I would have buying outfits for my little one. A few days later I was walking past a Baby Gap and saw a super-cute outfit in the window so I went inside, intending to buy it for my bundle of joy. About 30 seconds later I walked out in ... Continue reading FrugalMom's Tips for Children's Clothes

Do You Have a Pleasure Deficit?

By Jacquelyn B. Fletcher

Last Tuesday a series of things happened that made me realize I am experiencing a pleasure deficit. First, I had a lunch with some really groovy folks. Jocelyn Hale, the Executive Director of the Loft Literary Center, Dennis Cass, the author of the hilarious and fantastic book Head Case, and Pilar Gerasimo, Editor-in-Chief of Experience Lif ... Continue reading Do You Have a Pleasure Deficit?