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Check Out Our New Promotion

We have a special promotion that's perfect for our New York/New Jersey members or to send as a gift to a friend or relative in the New York area*.

Everyday Helper Solutions has created 3 special concierge packages: for the expectant mom, for the brand-new mom and for the working mom. Each package includes services ... Continue reading Check Out Our New Promotion

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Want to Go Back to School?

ProjectWorkingMom is a scholarship program that provides college funding for working moms and dads. To date, the program has awarded nearly $6 million in scholarships. This year, the program is awarding another $5 million in full-ride scholarships. The program is made possible by its sponsors, including The Tyra S ... Continue reading Want to Go Back to School?

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Own Business

by Marty Hopkins

Have you always dreamed of having your own business? Does the idea of setting your own hours appeal to you? Consider establishing a business without giving up your steady income by starting a home-based business while you are still working. There are many excellent books on this topic, but you can begin by asking yourself the f ... Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Own Business

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Multitasking Mania: Getting a Grip With Only Two Hands

You sit down to make a note about a project. The phone rings. While you're talking, someone pops in with a question as the computer dings the arrival of an important email and you remember that you forgot to make dinner plans.

Whether it's at work, at home, or while out running errands, sometimes it seems like an extra set of hands would come in, well, handy. Multi ... Continue reading Multitasking Mania: Getting a Grip With Only Two Hands

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The Laws Of Partnership

By Liz Uible

My partner, Christine Harvey, and I have several "rules" in our partnership that dictate how we interact and what we expect of each other. These guidelines we do business by allow us to make decisions on our own that we know are in line with our partner. They also allow us to grow exponentially with little or no friction in our relationship and clear long- ... Continue reading The Laws Of Partnership

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Survival Tips for the Working Mom

By Lata Tokhi

It is easy to get frustrated with life when you feel like you are managing more than you can really manage and doing a thankless job at that because things never seem to be perfect. But what is difficult is to fight back like most of the working mothers out there have to do in order to continue with their own careers. 'Everything Done To Perfectio ... Continue reading Survival Tips for the Working Mom

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Take Action Against " Maternal Profiling"

Have you experienced workplace discrimination because of your parental status or family responsibilities (maternal profiling)?

The Center for WorkLife Law aims to end employment discrimination against workers who have family responsibilities. This type of discrimination has a name: Family Responsibilities Discrimination. Pregnant women, mothers and fathers of young chil ... Continue reading Take Action Against " Maternal Profiling"

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Sex in the City--Statistics

By Julie Burton & C.J. Renner

A hit TV show (and soon to be movie) about four women who spend most of their time gossiping and forever questing to find that perfect pair of heels - what are we teaching our young women? But wait, underneath all that dishing and shopping, there's something large at work...Sex in the City highlights the economic power of women!

< ... Continue reading Sex in the City--Statistics

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Working Mom, Super Mom - Is There Really A Difference?

by Jill Frank

Lately, it seems that everyone wants to accomplish something, just look at sites like The ambitions posted on these sites run the gamut from wanting to get more organized to traveling the world to earning more money. If you are a working mother, you know you are just as ambitious as everyone else out there. You also know that you ... Continue reading Working Mom, Super Mom - Is There Really A Difference?

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Full-Time Rewards from Part-Time Work

By Tracy Mayor

New moms who want to -- or must -- maintain their careers have long turned to part-time positions as the best way to keep working while still spending as much time as possible with their babies. But often there is a nagging sense of compromise, the feeling that part-time work is merely a placeholder or a temporary tradeoff, not a valid long-term career ch ... Continue reading Full-Time Rewards from Part-Time Work

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Mom or Martyr?

by Shann Vander Leek

A whopping number of women are working full time jobs and raising families. We are professionals, employees, entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and friends. Some of us even do our best to be everything to everyone, but at what cost? We working moms must start to pay attention to the quality of our lives.

If you were to monitor one ... Continue reading Mom or Martyr?

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Social Security and Today's Mother

By Kristin Maschka

What mothers don't know about Social Security can hurt them

On October 15, 2000, I walked away from a half million dollars in Social Security retirement income. That's the day my daughter was born and the day I left the workforce to care for her.

Moms are busy people, and learning about the intricacies of the Social Security pr ... Continue reading Social Security and Today's Mother

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Why Can't Men Be More Like Women?

By Nandini Pandya

Fox invited Crane to supper and provided nothing for his entertainment but some soup made of pulse, which was poured out into a broad flat stone dish. The soup fell out of the long bill of Crane at every mouthful, and his vexation at not being able to eat afforded the Fox much amusement. Crane, in his turn, asked Fox to sup with him, and set before her a f ... Continue reading Why Can't Men Be More Like Women?

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From Boss To Mommy

By Julia Tolliver Maranan

The decision to leave the work place to stay at home with your kids is never an easy one. Sure, there are countless good reasons to take on the role of full-time mom, but choosing to do so brings along with it many new concerns, fears, and worries. How do women do it? Here, four mothers who successfully navigated the transition offer their best ... Continue reading From Boss To Mommy

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