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Preparing for Multiple Births

Over the past two decades, there's been a phenomenal rise in the number of multiple births in the United States. Between 1980 and 2004, the number of twin births increased by 70% and the number of births involving three or more babies has quadrupled.

What's responsible for this dramatic rise in multiple births? And how should you prepare for your own multiple birth expe ... Continue reading Preparing for Multiple Births

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Twins--Holding One Back: Good Enough Moms

Q: I have a concern regarding my 5-year-old twin grandchildren (a boy and a girl). The girl is more advanced in language and cognitive development than the boy is. The boy also has some difficulty paying attention. The father (my son-in-law) wants to hold both twins back from kindergarten because he fears the boy won't succeed, while the mom (my daughter) wants to go ahead and ... Continue reading Twins--Holding One Back: Good Enough Moms

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