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Gadgets on the Go

Must-have tech for your next trip

Are you planning a quick weekend getaway, a family vacation or a business trip? Here's a round-up of some nifty gadgets that can make traveling easier, more efficient and just plain fun.

Luggage Smarts
* Weigh, Don't Pay: If you can never seem to pack light or you plan on shoppin ... Continue reading Gadgets on the Go

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Girlfriend Getaways

A weekend away from work and personal responsibilities...time to relax...laughing and bonding with a few friends...These are just a few of the reasons that girlfriend getaways are becoming more popular than ever.

Women account for around 32 million trips last year, and a lot of them were girlfriend getaways. According to the AAA Girlfriend Travel Research Project, t ... Continue reading Girlfriend Getaways

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Staying Healthy While You Travel

When your family travels and is away from the usual eating and sleeping routines, the chances increase that someone might get sick. It can take time to adjust to the food, water, and air in a new environment, and kids can be especially vulnerable to a variety of travel-related problems, including motion sickness, diarrhea, and infections.

But some early planning and sma ... Continue reading Staying Healthy While You Travel

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When You Travel Without the Kids

By Christine McLaughlin

Remember planning a trip in the days before you had a child? All you had to do was consider yourself and the weather in the far away city. But now that you're a mom, planning to get away without the kids can be so daunting that some moms forgo it altogether. Still, every mom needs to get away from time to time, and if it's for business, you have ... Continue reading When You Travel Without the Kids

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7 Money-Saving Vacation Ideas for Budget Travelers

If your spirit of adventure is larger than your travel budget, these money-saving tips might just put your next vacation within reach.

1. Swap homes with other vacationers
If you prefer to mingle with the locals rather than other tourists, look into a home exchange vacation. One couple spent their eight-week honeymoon touring Europe without ever staying i ... Continue reading 7 Money-Saving Vacation Ideas for Budget Travelers

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