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Gadgets on the Go

Must-have tech for your next trip

Are you planning a quick weekend getaway, a family vacation or a business trip? Here's a round-up of some nifty gadgets that can make traveling easier, more efficient and just plain fun.

Luggage Smarts
* Weigh, Don't Pay: If you can never seem to pack light or you plan on shoppin ... Continue reading Gadgets on the Go

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Protect Your Privacy on Social Networks

By Elizabeth Wasserman

Social networks are not just for teenagers anymore. The popular web sites that let you connect with people who have shared interests or activities, are now helping adults like Sheilah Etheridge turn up business leads from her home-based accounting and consulting firm in Anchorage, Alaska. But Etheridge will only use select ... Continue reading Protect Your Privacy on Social Networks

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How to Get Your Data Back

By Elizabeth Wasserman

These days, there's no reason to cry over lost computer data.

In fact, experts say that if you react quickly and make the right moves, you may be able to minimize damage to your computer and recover missing data such as your family vital records, precious family digital photos or other valuable bits and bytes.

... Continue reading How to Get Your Data Back

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Technology and Your Kids: How Much is Too Much?

By C.J. Renner

Our parents had it easy... the television was the only brain-warping device they needed to pry us away from (and frankly, the shows weren't that good anyway). But today, we as parents have a bigger arsenal of exciting technology to contend with; not only the maniacal sponges and pre-teen rockers of kids' TV, but thrill-a-minute video games, mp3 players w ... Continue reading Technology and Your Kids: How Much is Too Much?

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"Mature" Video Games: Young Kids Are Playing, Too

Whether thumbing their way to the next level on handheld portable games, logging on to favorite game sites to challenge online opponents, or battling virtual bad guys with their buddies in the basement, lots of preteens and teens are making video games a big part of their techno-filled lives. And many of the games boast content that would make most parents cringe.

... Continue reading "Mature" Video Games: Young Kids Are Playing, Too

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

By Jennifer Martinez

By the time kids reach middle school, they're likely to know as much or more about the Internet than their parents. Teens use the Internet for schoolwork, playing games, email, instant messaging, downloading music, shopping and entering contests. But although they know their way around the Internet, they may lack the judgment and emotional ma ... Continue reading How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

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