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Beauty Tune-Ups in Time for Summer

If you are dreading taking off your socks and bearing your feet, or can't stand how your hair feels after you style it, you're suffering from the end-of-winter challenges that face women every year. Winter is tough on the skin, the nails and the hair, and recovering from that can be hard.

Here, then, are some tips to giving your hair, skin and feet a little respite ... Continue reading Beauty Tune-Ups in Time for Summer

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Skin Care Secrets to Spring into the New Season

Skin care needs change with the seasons. With winter drawing to a close and warm weather on the horizon, now is the time to think about updating your skin care regimen for spring.

The transition from winter to spring is probably one of the most remarkable in nature - and for people, too. Winter snows melt away to reveal spring buds, and bulky sweaters find their way ... Continue reading Skin Care Secrets to Spring into the New Season

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Olive Oil Facial Cleansers - Are They For You?

by Jami Goode

Some women swear by olive oil facial cleansers and they may be very good for someone who has excessively dry skin, but the oils are not actually cleansing ingredients. If you follow the recommended use for an olive oil facial cleanser, you will use warm water, a clean cloth and you'll massage. It is the massaging that loosens dirt and ... Continue reading Olive Oil Facial Cleansers - Are They For You?

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Top 5 Bets for Women Who Don't Want Cosmetic Surgery

by Deb McLeod

More and more, the women around you have features that are creeping back up. That is, the breasts aren't so saggy anymore and the facial lines seem to disappear. Those wrinkles above the forehead? Gone. It's clear that nearly everyone has sought out some form of surgical intervention. Except you, that is.

What can you do i ... Continue reading Top 5 Bets for Women Who Don't Want Cosmetic Surgery

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Beat The Winter Skin Blues

by Livia Mercer

With the onset of winter around the corner, a lot of us will experience dry skin. Our initial reaction can be to rush out and buy a heavier or more emollient moisturizer. While in some cases this is needed, for the most of us that is not the case.

To start with let me explain what a moisturizer is and isn't. The wo ... Continue reading Beat The Winter Skin Blues

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Youthful Skin Forever

By Elizabeth Parker

Cleopatra, aka "Queen of the Nile," was known for regularly soaking her skin in a rose petal and milk bath to keep it soft. The ancient Greeks used honey and the Romans olive oil as natural skin moisturizers. Over the centuries, many skin care regimens have developed and adapted and come and gone -- all in the name of healthy, yout ... Continue reading Youthful Skin Forever

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Give Yourself a Hand - Advice for Maintaining Beautiful Hands

By Alpha Del Bosque

Maintaining beautiful hands is important for maintaining a youthful look at any age. Your hands get the most exposure and show your age the most, so care of them is care for your age. Knowing how to maintain your hands as you age is the best way to make sure they look your best and that you, in turn, look your youngest and best.

As ... Continue reading Give Yourself a Hand - Advice for Maintaining Beautiful Hands

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Homemade Honey Beauty Recipes

by Sander Bel

This sweet, sticky substance is made by Honeybees from various types of flower nectar. Honey has the natural ability to attract and retain moisture Honey can be a great beauty product, especially when used for a facial mask. It is used in cosmetics for its emollient properties as well as for coloring and flavoring. Honey's natur ... Continue reading Homemade Honey Beauty Recipes

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Summer Sun Screen Mistakes, Myths and Solutions

Spring sun and the approach of summer remind many of us to get diligent about applying sunscreen before heading outdoors. But is that enough to protect your skin this summer? More than 1 million Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society.

"Changes in the environment and popular misconceptions make it more im ... Continue reading Summer Sun Screen Mistakes, Myths and Solutions

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Summer Beauty Starts with Protection

Break out the patio furniture and light up the barbeque - it's time for summer entertaining! Whether you're hosting the neighborhood Fourth of July cook-out or dolling up for a romantic evening under the stars, make sure you are protecting your skin before you head outdoors for summer fun.

For those who think the sun is the only thing they need to protect themsel ... Continue reading Summer Beauty Starts with Protection

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Homemade Beauty Recipes and Remedies

by Sander Bel

Making your own homemade beauty products is much easier than you'd think. The recipes that you find on this site are easy to follow along and use mostly common household products.

Aphrodite Apple Mask - 1 T Applesauce, 1 T Wheat Germ Puree apple in a blender or add applesauce to a small bowl. Mix in the ... Continue reading Homemade Beauty Recipes and Remedies

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Skin Care for Every Season

by Barbara Benjamin, MD

Minnesota's seasons allow for a variety of fun outdoor activities. But the extremes can be extremely harmful to your skin. Changing temperatures, wide fluctuations in humidity and periods of intense sun can all cause skin problems for some people. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your skin healthy.

Pale is ... Continue reading Skin Care for Every Season

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Head to Toe Winter Skin Care

Whether you love it or hate it, winter can be a horrible season for skin health. The cold temperatures, wind, and snow can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, and uncomfortable. Don't spend the next few months nursing your skin, instead be proactive and treat the problems before they start. Here are some great tips to make sure your skin stays healthy and smooth all season long. ... Continue reading Head to Toe Winter Skin Care

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

by Carolina Fernandez

"The magic of a face." Thomas Carew

Funny how when I look in the mirror these days, I notice tiny little lines framing my eyes. Slightly-sagging flesh drooping past my jaw line and brownish spots in my otherwise relatively blemish-free skin. Ahhh. Middle age. Gravity. Character lines.

Taking care of one's face--particularly ... Continue reading Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Sweet Summer Skin Care

Get your skin glowing this summer with a fruit, yogurt and honey skin care application created by Christopher Watt, a Hollywood aesthetician to stars such as Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez, as a whimsical way to introduce honey as a soothing skin care application to his clients.

"Honey is one of the world's best kept beauty secrets," says Watt. "Women and men have used it as ... Continue reading Sweet Summer Skin Care

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Simple Flawless Skin

By Julia Tolliver Maranan

If you're like most people, you want your skin to be radiant and healthy from head to toe. But, with hectic mornings and exhausted evenings, most of us don't have time to add one more thing to our skin maintenance routine even if it is good for us.
Thankfully, experts say you can have the clear, healthy, glowing skin you desire by maki ... Continue reading Simple Flawless Skin

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Easy Home Spa Treatments

Indulging in beauty and spa treatments is a luxury every woman deserves, but not everyone can afford them -- or so you thought. Here are some popular beauty tips you can try at home to save money and pamper yourself, head to toe.

Hair Color
Coloring your hair at home is easier than ever. Home hair-dying technology has made advances since first marketed and are wi ... Continue reading Easy Home Spa Treatments

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Set the Tone for Timeless Beauty: Ethnic Skin Gets Even More Beautiful

Getting older doesn't have to mean looking older. Yet, African American women face unique challenges when it comes to aging. Traditional signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging tend to appear later in life compared to Caucasians, but that doesn't mean women with richer skin tones aren't concerned about their maturing skin's appearance.

In fact, hyperpigmentati ... Continue reading Set the Tone for Timeless Beauty: Ethnic Skin Gets Even More Beautiful

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The Botox Generation: Skin Maintenance and Cosmetic Surgery in Your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

By Julie Burton

Let's face it, women spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about how they look, and many-a-woman's day can be ruined if she can't button her jeans, or the scale shows an additional pound or two. Many moms want the breasts back that they had in their early 20s before they breastfed their babies, or are seriously bothered by the lines on their forehe ... Continue reading The Botox Generation: Skin Maintenance and Cosmetic Surgery in Your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

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Oxygen Therapy - The New Buzz in the Beauty Industry

by Livia Mercer

You might have heard a lot about oxygen therapy in the media lately. It certainly has become the new buzz word in the industry. With celebrities such as Madonna, Heather Locklear, Donatella Versace and Gwen Stefani endorsing it and Madonna is even reported to have a machine in her home, there is certainly a lot of interest in this treatment.

So what ... Continue reading Oxygen Therapy - The New Buzz in the Beauty Industry

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