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The Bride! The Groom! The Kids? Second-Time-Around

This is another in our series of articles about dating and mating for single moms. You can also join the single moms discussion in our forums.

By Chris Grannis

You have done the groundwork, laid the foundations, and now you and your par ... Continue reading The Bride! The Groom! The Kids? Second-Time-Around

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Major Cable Network Seeks Single Moms and Dads

If you think your family could have their own series, this may be your chance. Documentary style show looking for some of the most dynamic, funny and interesting families in Americas, are you one of them? Give us your story. Please include your name, where you live (city/state), type of business-be descriptive, tell us about the members of your family what a typical day is like and h ... Continue reading Major Cable Network Seeks Single Moms and Dads

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Single Moms, Single Dads

Do you think single moms are glorified and single dads fall into the Mr. Mom caricature? Read what a real single dad has to say about all this in William McCloskey's guest appearance on Lisa Belkin's Motherlode blog at the New York Times.

... Continue reading Single Moms, Single Dads

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Mothering on Your Own

By Janette M. Ayd, Psy.D., LP, Ayd & Cavanagh Psychological Services, Minneapolis

The first single mother I knew was my grandmother. In 1932, when my father was 10 years old, his father, a fireman, went out on a call one day and never returned home. The pressure of a water hose went astray and my grandfat ... Continue reading Mothering on Your Own

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Helping Your Child Manage Negative Emotions

Diane C. Shearer, M.A.

It is natural for parents to want to protect their children from experiencing feelings like sadness, anger, disappointment and frustration. Unfortunately, children of divorced and single parent homes often must contend with these negative feelings. If one parent isn't following through with promises, for instance, kids become disappointed. ... Continue reading Helping Your Child Manage Negative Emotions

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So, What Else is New?

Our new forum, Dads Talk Too, was created by special request -- it's the forum for dads, both married and single. It's the place for men to compare notes, share information, questions, advice, and gripes with each other (and us moms).

... Continue reading So, What Else is New?

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Common Sense Dating for Single Parents

By Diane C. Shearer, M.A., CFLE

Statistically, 75-85 percent of divorced parents remarry within five years after the divorce. That means dating is a fact that nearly all single parents will face, which can be a scary prospect, especially for those who had long-term marriages. Dating partners in the 30+ age group are likely to have children and to have had failed ... Continue reading Common Sense Dating for Single Parents

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