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Keep the Home Fires Burning: Sexual Healing

Stress levels are high these days. Some of us have lost jobs, are afraid of losing jobs, or have close friends and family who have lost jobs. Everyone is worried about money to some degree. There's uncertainty and tension everywhere you look.

All this attention to worry might have left you giving little attention to other pursuits - like sex. But forgetting to give ... Continue reading Keep the Home Fires Burning: Sexual Healing

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I'm (Not) in the Mood for Love

by Deb McLeod

The kids are screaming, the soup's boiled over and the Girl Scouts are arriving in 10 minutes. Your husband sends you a suggestive email which hints that he wants to get frisky tonight.

This creates a typical dilemma for you - you think it might be fun but you just can't get in the mood after all you've done throughout the ... Continue reading I'm (Not) in the Mood for Love

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At Peace With Your Spouse

By Julia Tolliver Maranan

Every couple has disagreements, but having children presents new challenges. John W. Jacobs, MD, a psychiatrist and couples therapist in New York City and author of All You Need Is Love and Other Lies About Marriage (HarperCollins) offers insight into the most common sources of conflict for new parents and explains the best way to resolv ... Continue reading At Peace With Your Spouse

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Reclaiming Your Sex Life After the Baby

Your Baby Today: New Baby, New Mom: Relationships
By Rebecca Geiger for Your Baby Today

"Sex!"", you laugh, "What's that?" Sure, distant memories of candlelight dinners, slinky negligees, and drinking champagne from your high-heeled shoes can still stir a sigh or two. But even months after the birth of your baby, the last thing on your mind is a r ... Continue reading Reclaiming Your Sex Life After the Baby

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