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Tracking Down College Scholarships

We hear often from parents, "I'd love for my son/daughter to get accepted to their dream school...but I'm very nervous about how to pay for it."

Even if you're in a more comfortable income bracket, scholarships can go a long way to making the college-going years less of a financial burden. Here are our top tips on getting started:

The ... Continue reading Tracking Down College Scholarships

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Tips for Simplifying Back-to-School

From Wanda Urbanska, Simple Living expert and author of The Heart of Simple Living: 7 Paths to a Better Life

• Commit to a successful school year. Sit down with each child and discuss the upcoming school year. Identify each child's favorite activities or memories from past school years and what they count as their greatest accomplishments, as wel ... Continue reading Tips for Simplifying Back-to-School

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Tutoring Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul

by Megan Torrini

The school year is more than half over and the struggles your child has been facing these past few months have not gone away. Now is a great time to evaluate how your child is performing in school, and to hire a tutor if need be. If your child is having a little difficulty or just needs a bit of enrichment, the Minneapolis-St. Paul area has plenty ... Continue reading Tutoring Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Homeschooling--Finding Your Way

by Katriena Knights

As homeschooling has become more and more popular, resources have become readily available. From online sites dedicated to getting you started and helping you fill out your curriculum to brick and mortar stores specializing in homeschool course books and other supplies, homeschooling information and resources have gone mainstream.< ... Continue reading Homeschooling--Finding Your Way

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Preventing Laptop Theft this School Season

Today's students gear up for back-to-school season by stocking up on expensive technology, from MP3 players to laptops. However, most students are unaware that dorm rooms and schools are some of the most dangerous places to store precious electronic equipment.

Dormitories and schools are among the top five places from which laptops are most likely to be s ... Continue reading Preventing Laptop Theft this School Season

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School-Age Readers

From kindergarten through third grade, your child's ability to read will grow by leaps and bounds. Although teachers provide lots of help, you can continue to play a role in your child's reading life.

A child first learning to read gets more information from listening to books than from reading them independently. This is especially true of vocabulary - your child will ... Continue reading School-Age Readers

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Home for the Summer: Ten Happy, Healthy Ideas for Kids

That last school bell has rung and the kids are back home, enjoying all the pleasures that summer vacation offers. But there's got to be more to life than sleeping until noon and sipping lemonade by the pool. Here are some more ideas to make sure your kids stay happy and healthy this summer.

1. Block the sun. Sunlight is great; but too much exposure ... Continue reading Home for the Summer: Ten Happy, Healthy Ideas for Kids

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Shopping for Preschools

By Jacqueline Mroz

When Amy Paterson and her husband started looking for preschools for their son, Jonah, they found the process pretty overwhelming. "I grew up here, but I was at a loss for where to start," says Paterson, 35, who lives with her family in Portland, Ore. "Eventually I starting asking my friends and family, and we found a great school for our son. ... Continue reading Shopping for Preschools

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One, Two, Tree: Yoga in the Classroom

By Bridgett Erickson

What do educators do when standardized test scores are down, kids are less fit and school budgets are tight? Minneapolis Public Schools will pilot a program at Jefferson Elementary School to see if yoga is part of the answer.

"We have best practices when it comes to teaching, but we're looking for different ways to have kids ... Continue reading One, Two, Tree: Yoga in the Classroom

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Helping Your Child Look Forward to School

By Amanada Formaro

"I hate school!" No parent wants to hear their third grade daughter yell out these words on a regular basis. Your first grader conveniently forgets to bring home his homework every day of the week. Your 10 year old daughter complains every morning that she is too tired to go to school.

These are all very real roadblocks that pare ... Continue reading Helping Your Child Look Forward to School

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Back To School For Your Teen

By Ursula Richards Scheele, M.S.Ed

Back to school time can be stressful for both you and your teen. Excitement and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. While your child is most likely looking forward to seeing her friends again, sometimes getting back into the swing of things can put a strain on the family. A little proactive work before school begins can make a big differe ... Continue reading Back To School For Your Teen

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Parents Sound Off About School Lunches

Ask kids what they think of the cafeteria's fare and they'll likely offer a scrunched nose and a frown, whether the food is good - or good for them - or not. But what do parents, who don't get to partake of their children's daily dining offerings, think?

According to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll, nearly two thirds of moms and dads said their child's school lunc ... Continue reading Parents Sound Off About School Lunches

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The Truth from a Teacher

By Jenny Runkel

This new school year will mark the first time in almost a decade that I will not be putting up bulletin boards and making new seating charts. I am in the midst of changing careers, from teaching others to write to trying the craft out myself. I must admit I am having quite a bit of trouble with not having my own classroom anymore. There was someth ... Continue reading The Truth from a Teacher

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Helping Your Child Adjust to Preschool

There are plenty of benefits of preschool - it can be a great place for kids to interact with peers and to learn valuable life lessons such as how to share, take turns, and follow rules. Preschool can also prepare kids for kindergarten and beyond.

But going to preschool does come with its fair share of emotions, for both the parent and the child. For a kid, enter ... Continue reading Helping Your Child Adjust to Preschool

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Involved Parenting of Your High School Student

By Ursula Richards Scheele, M.Ed.

Now that your teenager can drive, maybe has a job, is involved various extra-curricular activities, and is on her way to graduation and adulthood, you may be thinking to yourself, "So far, so good." Also, you may be asking yourself if this is the time when your role as a parent is diminished. Absolutely not. The job of parentin ... Continue reading Involved Parenting of Your High School Student

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Extra Curricular Overload

By Amanda Formaro

School is about to open and with it comes the barrage of extra curricular activities. Talent shows. Science projects. Homework. Dance class. Basketball practice. Violin recitals. Book reports. When is enough too much?

A friend of mine once told me of her 15 year old daughter who had insisted on participating in almost every extra ... Continue reading Extra Curricular Overload

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Homework Helpers--As Close as Your Computer

By Shannon Maughan

School days, school days. If they're not already here for you, they're just around the corner. In this new millennium, going back to school involves more than new notebooks, pencils and lunchboxes. As children, their parents and teachers become more familiar with the Internet, it becomes a useful--sometimes invaluable--tool for doing research a ... Continue reading Homework Helpers--As Close as Your Computer

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Five Ways to Maximize Your Back to School Budget

For students across the country, the beginning of a new school year is just around the corner. And, if you haven't started your back-to-school shopping yet, you may soon find yourself dealing with large crowds and pricey cash register totals.

Back-to-school spending is expected to jump 6.9 percent this year, and families with school-aged children are expected to ... Continue reading Five Ways to Maximize Your Back to School Budget

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Grade Retention Doesn't Always Make the Grade: Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

By Sylvia Rimm

Q. I'm the mother of three young girls ages 7, 9 and 10. What does research say regarding girls having to repeat a grade in elementary school? Our middle daughter works so hard, but struggles, despite receiving tutoring. I thought it might help her to repeat fourth grade.

A. There's a fair amount of research th ... Continue reading Grade Retention Doesn't Always Make the Grade: Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

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