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I'm (Not) in the Mood for Love

by Deb McLeod

The kids are screaming, the soup's boiled over and the Girl Scouts are arriving in 10 minutes. Your husband sends you a suggestive email which hints that he wants to get frisky tonight.

This creates a typical dilemma for you - you think it might be fun but you just can't get in the mood after all you've done throughout the ... Continue reading I'm (Not) in the Mood for Love

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Top 10 Romantic Anniversary Ideas

By Nicole Nicholas

It can be hard to think up new romantic anniversary ideas. But believe me, it's worth making the change from the usual "dinner and a movie" routine. An anniversary is the best opportunity of the year to show your partner how much they mean to you.

Here are some great romantic anniversary ideas to keep you from getting stuck in a romance r ... Continue reading Top 10 Romantic Anniversary Ideas

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15 Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

By Jessica Brown

The moment finally feels right: You finally got the kids to bed, you've slipped into something sexy that's not stained with finger-paint, and then...zzz. You are conked out. For you and your partner, the lure of the sleep wins out over sex yet again. Time and energy may not be things any young mom has in abundance, but fortunately, you don't need eith ... Continue reading 15 Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

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How to Show You Care

By R.J. Jackson

If you're like most people today, a typical day consists of juggling more responsibilities than any one person can be expected to manage. You are pulled in so many directions that you end up having precious little time to spend with the people you cherish the most in your life -- your family and friends.

Well, believe it or not, there really are ways t ... Continue reading How to Show You Care

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Sharing Your Passions

By Jessica Blau

Remember the days when you and your spouse were dating and everything he or she did seemed like magic? The funny fruit drinks mixed in the blender were like love potions; the Rambo films you were suddenly introduced to seemed like works of cinematic art. You were smitten. Everything your Other Half found interesting was exciting because it was shared with lov ... Continue reading Sharing Your Passions

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