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Moms Dissing Moms

Do you sometimes feel that moms can be critical and judgmental about other women's parenting style and choices? Do you feel pressured to be the perfect mom? See what Liz Szabo, writing in USA Today, says about 'competitive parenting.'

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Parenting: the Comedy

We know Mrs. Hughes has been around for a while, but if you haven't seen her riff on parenting, enjoy. First of all, it's inspiring to know she began her career as a comic when she was almost 50. Second, she's really funny.

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Positive Parenting and Discipline Strategies

By Kristin Bailey Murphy

If you're the parent of a perfect child -- one that never misbehaves (God forbid!), whines, or talks back; never argues with you, fibs to you or makes a disaster of his room (right after you've cleaned it) -- then keep on moving! This article isn't for you. However, if your child is guilty of any (or all) of the above bad beh ... Continue reading Positive Parenting and Discipline Strategies

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Cleanup on Aisle Two

By Jenny Runkel

We've all been there. It usually occurs at the most inopportune moments and somehow, the room always quiets just before it happens. Not following me? Listen in on a little dialogue I overheard yesterday at the grocery store and you'll be nodding your head along with the rest of us in no time.


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Study: Nearly a Third of New Parents Know Little About Infant Development

When you're a new parent, you usually feel like there's more that you don't know than you do. You learn as you go, using your baby -- and often stacks of parenting magazines and books -- as your guide. But it's easy to forget what infants should be doing when and exactly what you can do to help encourage your little one to learn and develop.

That's why a group ... Continue reading Study: Nearly a Third of New Parents Know Little About Infant Development

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