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Simplify and Organize Your Family for the New Year

by Nicole LaMarco

The New Year brings us a clean slate so we can start new goals and resolutions. This is a great time to simplify and organize your family. This can help everyone in your family feel less stress and know what to expect every day.

Organize with One Calendar and a Planner

Use one calend ... Continue reading Simplify and Organize Your Family for the New Year

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Project Closet Overhaul

By Audrey Thomas A.k.a. Organized Audrey

As spring arrives you're probably more than happy to ditch the dark sweaters in your closet for brightly colored blouses and Capri's. Here are eight closet maintenance tips to help guide you as you make the switch.

1. Completely empty your closet. That's right. Completely empty this black h ... Continue reading Project Closet Overhaul

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Piles of Potential

By Audrey Thomas A.k.a. Organized Audrey

If you've survived another holiday season where the kids took home more loot than you can shake a stick at, then you're probably frustrated with knowing what to do with it all.

Yes, holidays are fun - especially for the little ones - but the aftermath is sometimes quite overwhelming. Now that the holidays ... Continue reading Piles of Potential

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Take Back Your Garage -- Organization is Easier than Ever

Yard tools leaning against the walls. Random storage boxes stacked high. From oil-stained floors to the cluttered corners, garages are not usually the first room you show off in your home. But things are changing and the new trend in home improvement is to create a garage that is not only more functional, but one that extends your living space.

"Many homeowners f ... Continue reading Take Back Your Garage -- Organization is Easier than Ever

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All That Baby Stuff!: Good Enough Moms

Q: I don't know what to do with all of my daughter's baby things. She is two years old and has more toys that she no longer plays with and more clothes that she no longer fits in than we have space for. I plan to have another child in a year or two, but am overwhelmed with all of this stuff. I am trying to keep my house organized (for my sanity) and am having a great ... Continue reading All That Baby Stuff!: Good Enough Moms

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Help Your Child Get Organized

Any kid worth his or her salt will generate a little chaos and disorganization. Yours might tear through the house leaving a trail of toys, backpacks, shoes, and empty drink cups. Or flit from one thing to the next - forgetting books at school, leaving towels on the floor, and failing to finish projects once started. You'd like your child to be more organized and to stay focuse ... Continue reading Help Your Child Get Organized

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Sorting It Out

By Meagan R. Dubreuil

New babies grow all too fast. In the first year of life they graduate from cradle to crib, bouncy seat to baby gym, and infant carrier to car seat. They whiz through several sizes of infant clothes and diapers, and cast aside bottles for sippy cups.

And while your baby is moving up the growth charts, you, the new mom, are mo ... Continue reading Sorting It Out

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Use It or Lose It

by Arleen M. Kaptur

Do you still have that great sweater wrapped up in the tissue paper, still in the box, that your significant other gave you? You know the one - you had stared at it each and every time you went by that store and you could give the details of every stitch, button, and the color - well, it was you. You know you told everyone that if there ever ... Continue reading Use It or Lose It

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Chores That Are Fun? Can It Be Done?

By Christina Millard

You've seen it happen a hundred times. Your children are full of energy. They are laughing, playing, and jumping around. You mention that it is time to do their chores and suddenly everything changes.

Right before your eyes, your children morph from young, happy butterflies into giant, sick slugs. They collapse to the floor the ... Continue reading Chores That Are Fun? Can It Be Done?

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New Uses for Old Stuff

Christine McLaughlin

Maybe you're a pack rat and have a hard time throwing things out. Maybe you're an organization buff who loves finding a place for everything. Or maybe you are just ecologically minded and feel guilty filling landfills with your household possessions. Whatever the case, repurposing old items can be the answer and is becoming increasingly popular for ... Continue reading New Uses for Old Stuff

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Organize With Ease

By Julia Tolliver Maranan

The benefits to a clutter-free home are many. In addition to creating a calm and comfortable living environment, research shows it also has positive long-term effects on children. Of course it's one thing to know this, yet in most families, imposing any kind of order is an ongoing minute-to-minute challenge. But not impossible. One of the most ... Continue reading Organize With Ease

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10 Easy Steps to Organize Your Clothes Closet

By Theresa Frasch

The clothes closet is one of the fastest places in our households to get cluttered. It's so easy to stick something that you don't know what to do with in the closet. After all it's out of the way and keeping some other part of your house from becoming cluttered. The clothes closet also becomes a storage area for clothing and accessories that are outdated, r ... Continue reading 10 Easy Steps to Organize Your Clothes Closet

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