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Is Organic Really Better?

By Jessica Goldbogen Harlan

Ever since my toddler started eating table food, I've fallen prey to the dilemma with which so many modern moms struggle: whether or not to buy organic. Scary headlines about toxins in our food (not to mention the environment) are everywhere I turn, and each time I go grocery shopping -- whether it's at my neighborhood farmer's market ... Continue reading Is Organic Really Better?

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Just Say "No!" to the Dirty Dozen Fruits and Veggies


Quick. Tell me the difference between chromium and magnesium. OK, skip that one. Just explain why your body needs selenium. Antioxidants? Riboflavin? Relax. Most people -- including doctors! Oh, dear! -- don't know beans about nutrition. When I am Wellness Czar, everyone will have to pass a mandatory Healthy Eating Test, or stay ... Continue reading Just Say "No!" to the Dirty Dozen Fruits and Veggies

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