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Women Starting Over

How to take charge of your financial future

Women are more educated, earn higher incomes and have a more powerful role in the workplace than women of previous generations. But in spite of this progress, 90 percent of women say they feel financially insecure, according to the 2007 Allianz Women, Money and Power Study. The vast majority of women will need ... Continue reading Women Starting Over

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Love & Money

According to a Pew research report, the percentage of married women making more money than their husbands has gone up to 22%--sixteen points higher then in 1970. Read what AV Flox, a blogger on the BlogHer network, has to say about that in her post, Does Money Make a Man More Attractive? Income Disparity in Love

... Continue reading Love & Money

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Financial Woes: How to Talk to Kids When Money is Tight

Everybody's talking about money these days: House prices are going down; more families are facing foreclosure on their mortgages; gas prices, energy prices, and grocery bills are all going up -- and uncertainty over when things will take a turn for the better is making everyone tighten their belts.

... Continue reading Financial Woes: How to Talk to Kids When Money is Tight

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Use a Price Book to Save

by Sandy Shields

Price Books: You have probably heard about them, or read about them in budgeting articles. But what exactly is a Price Book?

A Price Book is a powerful tool used by smart shoppers to help them save money. It is a practical technique used to record prices of frequently purchased items. Consumers armed with a curre ... Continue reading Use a Price Book to Save

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How Do You Save Money?

For our next issue of the Magazine and for, we're compiling a list of savings tips from you, our MomTalk visitors:

Given the rising prices of gas, groceries, and overall cost of living, what is your family doing to save money?

Please send your suggestions, tips, advice to ... Continue reading How Do You Save Money?

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Tax Tips, Updates, and More

By Doreen Carter

Its tax time and everyone is looking for deductions that would ensure them a refund or at least reduce their tax liability. From charitable contributions to hiring one of your children to work in your business is available to you through the IRS tax code. You just need to know how. Well, I have identified a few tax tips and changes that may actually help you ... Continue reading Tax Tips, Updates, and More

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