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Green Shopping Guide

By Keri Greenwald

So you're thinking to yourself that it is that time of the year again and although you love the parties and seeing everyone looking their best, shopping for the holidays is a total pain in the *ss!

Have no worries: I am here to help with a timesaving and earth-saving Green Shopping Guide. Now, breathe in that clean Twi ... Continue reading Green Shopping Guide

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Healthy Babies, One Tiny Bite at a Time

by Megan Torini

Organic baby food.

We all wish we had the time and talent to make it, but face it, a lot of us don't. Heck, the majority of us are so busy, we wish it would just "appear" at the dinner table. We want the best for our babies, but making our own baby food seems like so much work.

Lori Karis, Owner of Swe ... Continue reading Healthy Babies, One Tiny Bite at a Time

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Shopping and More Shopping: Feisty Fashion Girl

OK, people.....I could say I've been around the world and "ay, yai, yai", which is not totally true but I DO feel as though I sort of did a major march through MANY of the Twin Cities boutiques last weekend and I feel ready to report.

Now, I need to preface this by reminding you that was in retail for almost 25 years and owned my own store for 12 of those, so I ... Continue reading Shopping and More Shopping: Feisty Fashion Girl

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Giving Once, Giving Twice

By Julie Burton

This holiday season, you can feel twice as good when buying gifts for friends and loved ones. Many local, national and on-line retailers and manufacturers donate a percentage of their overall sales or sales of specific items to charitable causes-which makes it possible for you to make your shopping more purposeful by purchasing gifts that keep on giving.

... Continue reading Giving Once, Giving Twice

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