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The Worst (and Best) Sweets for Your Teeth

By Dr. Carolyn Taggart-Burns

When trick-or-treaters ring my doorbell on Halloween, I toss a toothbrush in their bag. But make no mistake -- our neighborhood might as well be Candy Land. My kids got a scary amount of sweets last year, and they only went to a couple of houses. And because they were both too young to eat much of their loot, guess who was ... Continue reading The Worst (and Best) Sweets for Your Teeth

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Halloween Haunts in the Twin Cities

by Megan Torrini

Halloween is just around the corner- BOO! Here are some creepy haunts around the Minneapolis-St. Paul area that are sure to make for a fun fright night.

7410 Highway 212 West
Chaska, MN

Located in Chaska ... Continue reading Halloween Haunts in the Twin Cities

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Homemade Halloween Treats: Fun & Easy Halloween Recipes

by Jill Borash

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Probably because of the sheer amount of sugar involved. As a kid (or adult for that matter), what other holiday can you dress up funny and stuff your face full of candy and sweets and not get yelled at? And then there are all of the fun (and sometimes absolutely disgusting) things that ... Continue reading Homemade Halloween Treats: Fun & Easy Halloween Recipes

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Halloween 'Howl To's'

As Halloween approaches, the seasonal "to-do" list, typically marked with finding the perfect costume and trick-or-treat route, is a bit more complicated with the growing need to protect the environment and manage household budgets. In preparing for your neighborhood ghosts and goblins, try these easy tips and tricks to "go green," and spend less on your families' spook-tacular ce ... Continue reading Halloween 'Howl To's'

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