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Transform 'Mom Hair' into Modern Hair

by Mary Jo McGinnity, Fantastic Sams

Everyone knows about 'mom jeans,' but 'mom hair' is just as prevalent on most blocks. The permanent ponytail that is so easy and convenient, the outdated, frayed scrunchie pulling back unwashed locks or the baseball cap pulled down low to hide another bad hair day.

If you've jettisoned your mom jean ... Continue reading Transform 'Mom Hair' into Modern Hair

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Tips for Get-Up-and-Go Hair!

Hair That Looks and Feels Good in Just 10 Minutes

By Mary Jo McGinnity, Fantastic Sams

If you are like most women, you spend less than 20 minutes on your hair every day. According to a recent survey by Fantastic Sams of Minnesota, approximately 40 percent of Twin Cities' women spend less than 10 minutes on their hair each day and ... Continue reading Tips for Get-Up-and-Go Hair!

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Tips for Your Child's First Haircut

Taking a young child for their first haircut doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Following are some tips to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for you and your child:

How to Stay Hot This Winter!

By Jon Charles of Jon Charles Salon, Mpls.

Ready to revamp your hair color? Let's make a change! Summertime lead us down a course of blonde, blonder and blondest! Though they were bright, flirty, and fun for summer, fall has brought us back to very rich, luxurious pigments with lots of shine. Winter trends will enhance the rich fall chocolate browns ... Continue reading How to Stay Hot This Winter!

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Top 5 Winter Hairstyles

By Nicole LaMarco

No matter your hair's texture or length, whether you want something easy to care for or something that's a little more work, the styles this season can accommodate you. Here are five hairstyles that are being talked about and worn by fashionistas this year:

1. Loose waves (Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpso ... Continue reading Top 5 Winter Hairstyles

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Vanity Hair: Hairstyles of Celebrity Style Icons

by Victoria Cochrane

Linda Evangelista, Victoria Beckham, Madonna -- all female icons who have inspired hair trends in recent times. The 'celebrity look' is deemed a recent phenomenon, but women throughout the ages have obsessed over their hair and often took inspiration from role models of the time.

In the 16th century Queen Elizabeth ... Continue reading Vanity Hair: Hairstyles of Celebrity Style Icons

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Easy Home Spa Treatments

Indulging in beauty and spa treatments is a luxury every woman deserves, but not everyone can afford them -- or so you thought. Here are some popular beauty tips you can try at home to save money and pamper yourself, head to toe.

Hair Color
Coloring your hair at home is easier than ever. Home hair-dying technology has made advances since first marketed and are wi ... Continue reading Easy Home Spa Treatments

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