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Transform 'Mom Hair' into Modern Hair

by Mary Jo McGinnity, Fantastic Sams

Everyone knows about 'mom jeans,' but 'mom hair' is just as prevalent on most blocks. The permanent ponytail that is so easy and convenient, the outdated, frayed scrunchie pulling back unwashed locks or the baseball cap pulled down low to hide another bad hair day.

If you've jettisoned your mom jean ... Continue reading Transform 'Mom Hair' into Modern Hair

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Tips for Get-Up-and-Go Hair!

Hair That Looks and Feels Good in Just 10 Minutes

By Mary Jo McGinnity, Fantastic Sams

If you are like most women, you spend less than 20 minutes on your hair every day. According to a recent survey by Fantastic Sams of Minnesota, approximately 40 percent of Twin Cities' women spend less than 10 minutes on their hair each day and ... Continue reading Tips for Get-Up-and-Go Hair!

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Beauty Tune-Ups in Time for Summer

If you are dreading taking off your socks and bearing your feet, or can't stand how your hair feels after you style it, you're suffering from the end-of-winter challenges that face women every year. Winter is tough on the skin, the nails and the hair, and recovering from that can be hard.

Here, then, are some tips to giving your hair, skin and feet a little respite ... Continue reading Beauty Tune-Ups in Time for Summer

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