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Gifts That Give Back

Imagine going to a big box store this holiday season that only sells gifts that educate girls in Afghanistan, house homeless veterans in the Bronx or offer microloans for rice farmers in India.

With the holiday season upon us, more parents are looking for gifts that truly "give back." So, check out this great "Unwrap ... Continue reading Gifts That Give Back

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Chrome is Where the Heart Is: Valentine's Day Gifts for Truck Guys

Some men are just fine getting a tie for Valentine's Day. Others cherish a new set of clubs or season tickets to their favorite sports team's home games. But your guy is a truck guy . . . and the only gift that will thrill his heart this Valentine's Day is one that celebrates his great vehicular love.

Fortunately, you don't have to shell out big bucks for a new set ... Continue reading Chrome is Where the Heart Is: Valentine's Day Gifts for Truck Guys

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Great Gifts for Girls under $25

by Nicole LaMarco

If you're trying to figure out the right gifts to purchase for the girls in your family, there are plenty of choices to pick from. You can find a wide range of gifts for a reasonable price of under $25. Here are some of the best ideas you might want to consider.

Girls Gifts: Dolls
The baby doll g ... Continue reading Great Gifts for Girls under $25

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Crafty Holiday Gift-Giving

by Katriena Knights

In these uncertain economic times, the holiday season might prove even more of a challenge than usual. With holiday gift-buying a strain on the budget even at the best of times, this year might be a good one to look into alternatives.

One way to reduce the holiday budget while spending more time with your kids is to ... Continue reading Crafty Holiday Gift-Giving

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Top 5 Products for Busy Moms

By Nicole LaMarco

Parents have so many choices these days with gimmicks and gizmos advertised to aid them in childrearing. Lots of things aren't safe for kids and others aren't all they are promised to be. Here is a top-5 list of products for parents that will really help and get kids involved.

1. Mark My Time Bookmark... Continue reading Top 5 Products for Busy Moms

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Green Shopping Guide

By Keri Greenwald

So you're thinking to yourself that it is that time of the year again and although you love the parties and seeing everyone looking their best, shopping for the holidays is a total pain in the *ss!

Have no worries: I am here to help with a timesaving and earth-saving Green Shopping Guide. Now, breathe in that clean Twi ... Continue reading Green Shopping Guide

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Picture Perfect: Turn Photos Into Unique Holiday Gifts

Personalized gifts are always a hit with family and friends. In today's digital era, it's easy to create custom products at an affordable price. One place you're sure to find inspiration for a meaningful gift is in your stash of photos. According to J.D. Power and Associates, digital camera owners shoot an average of 159 images a month. That's nearly 2,000 images a year. With all ... Continue reading Picture Perfect: Turn Photos Into Unique Holiday Gifts

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Great Homemade Garden Crafts

It's never too early to think about holiday gifts. Here are some great ideas to make now.

By Charlie Nardozzi

Some of the best holiday gifts I've ever received were handmade items from the garden. They weren't elaborate, but they were meaningful. I was touched by the gift of a centerpiece of dried flowers, grasses, and seed heads c ... Continue reading Great Homemade Garden Crafts

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Gift Giving Made (A Little) Easier

By Suzanne Davidson

So, you dread the thought of having to buy gifts for Christmas. Friend or family member has a birthday or anniversary coming up, and you still don't have a gift? Well, we've all been there and done that. None of us want to do it again. Yet we always seem to be in the same sorry spot each year. As Mark Twain said: "Never put off until tomo ... Continue reading Gift Giving Made (A Little) Easier

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Giving Once, Giving Twice

By Julie Burton

This holiday season, you can feel twice as good when buying gifts for friends and loved ones. Many local, national and on-line retailers and manufacturers donate a percentage of their overall sales or sales of specific items to charitable causes-which makes it possible for you to make your shopping more purposeful by purchasing gifts that keep on giving.

... Continue reading Giving Once, Giving Twice

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