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Positive Parenting and Discipline Strategies

By Kristin Bailey Murphy

If you're the parent of a perfect child -- one that never misbehaves (God forbid!), whines, or talks back; never argues with you, fibs to you or makes a disaster of his room (right after you've cleaned it) -- then keep on moving! This article isn't for you. However, if your child is guilty of any (or all) of the above bad beh ... Continue reading Positive Parenting and Discipline Strategies

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The Truth About Consequences

By Hal Runkel, LMFT

As parents, we have within our reach the greatest and most effective disciplinary strategy in the world. No, it's not military school or "Brat Camp". The single greatest teaching and discipline strategy is a phenomenon woven into the fabric of life itself.

Simply put, here it is: our choices have consequences. Every single one ... Continue reading The Truth About Consequences

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The Positive Power of "No"

By Patricia Berry

Linda Eschenbaum's daughter, Jane, was supposed to be a flower girl in her aunt's wedding, but the two-year-old was having no part of it. Away from her Rice Lake, Wis., home and her normal routine, Jane was in a less-than-festive mood. As her mom attempted to put her in the pretty party gown bought especially for the occasion, Jane made her feel ... Continue reading The Positive Power of "No"

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High-Energy Child Needs Limits: Sylvia Rimm On Raising Kids

By Sylvia Rimm

Q. Our 5-year-old son is very energetic. He thinks it's OK to roughhouse with any kids (two 3-year-old girl cousins, 11-month-old sister, and friends). He finds it funny to call them names, including swear words, and enjoys flipping people off, including strangers. I'm worried because no discipline works for him. We've tried timeouts (sittin ... Continue reading High-Energy Child Needs Limits: Sylvia Rimm On Raising Kids

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