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Dealing With Pain During Childbirth

If you're like most women, the pain of labor and delivery is one of the things that worries you about having a baby. This is certainly understandable, because for most women, labor is painful.

Even though it is possible to have labor with relatively little pain, your best bet is to prepare yourself for the idea of pain during labor and delivery and to plan some strategi ... Continue reading Dealing With Pain During Childbirth

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Induction of Labor

By Craig Bissinger, MD
Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, NJ

What is Induction?
Initiating labor in a pregnant woman without contractions seems to be a simple way to explain induction of labor. For many women, induction is becoming increasingly more common. In fact, induction has been on the increase during the past decade. From 1989 until 1995 ... Continue reading Induction of Labor

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What if I Need a C-Section?

By Dawn Goldstein, MD
Private Practice, Morristown, NJ

Every pregnant woman is concerned about the delivery of her baby. I am often asked the question "What if I need a c-section?" to which my typical response is: "Then you will have one!" This question is one that often remains until the end of the pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it is important to know that a c- ... Continue reading What if I Need a C-Section?

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Recovering From Delivery

Your baby's finally here, and you're thrilled - but you're also exhausted, uncomfortable, on an emotional roller coaster, and wondering whether you'll ever fit into your jeans again. Childbirth classes helped prepare you for giving birth, but not for this.

What to Expect in the First Few Weeks

After your baby arrives, you'll notice some changes - b ... Continue reading Recovering From Delivery

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Birthing Classes

If you are having a child for the first time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by questions, fears, and just not knowing what to expect. Many new parents find that birthing classes can really help calm their worries and answer many questions. You can find information on Twin Cities Birthing Resources her ... Continue reading Birthing Classes

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Considering Midwives

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Let the decision-making begin. Choosing a health care provider to care for you and your baby during your pregnancy is one of the biggest decisions you'll make.

In the United States, women's choices have traditionally been limited to an obstetrician or a knowledgeable family doctor. But for some women with low-risk, uncomplicated ... Continue reading Considering Midwives

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Labor and Delivery: What You Should Know About the Big Day

After nine months of doctor's visits, large clothing, physical discomfort and joyous expectation, a mother finally reaches the last stages of pregnancy- labor and delivery. Join our panel of specialists as they take us step by step through the process of labor and delivery.

... Continue reading Labor and Delivery: What You Should Know About the Big Day

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