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How to Make the Most of Your Redecorating Budget

With the slump in housing sales, more Americans are opting to spruce up their current homes rather than go in search of a new house. And while many housing markets across the country have seen flat or even declining real estate prices, people are spending more than ever to redecorate their homes.

In 2006, the average cost of a mid-range kitchen remodel topped $54,000, accordi ... Continue reading How to Make the Most of Your Redecorating Budget

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The Work-At-Home Parent

By Christine McLaughlin

Moms who work at home know that the term "working at home with kids" is redundant. There's your full-time job as mom -- at home. And then there's the other job where you earn a paycheck -- also done at home. You probably get the feeling you are working all the time. Friends wonder how you do it. You wonder that same thing yourself sometimes!

... Continue reading The Work-At-Home Parent

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Family Caretakers

By Helen Zelon for Your Baby Today

Whether you're headed back to work, the gym, or grad school, you need help taking care of baby.  Welcome to the complex world of caregiving ... Continue reading Family Caretakers

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