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Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough

Ovarian cancer. It's called the silent killer, and less than half of women diagnosed with it will live five years. But now, a special kind of chemotherapy lets them live longer.

Grandmother Mable Parr should be a natural at driving a videogame racecar. For 21 years, she drove a school bus and a tractor. But last July, she hit a life-changing bump. "Every ti ... Continue reading Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough

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SAGE: Minnesota's Cancer Screening Program

The Sage Screening Program (formerly the Minnesota Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program) is a statewide comprehensive breast and cervical cancer screening program whose primary objective is to increase the proportion of age-appropriate women who are screened for breast and cervical cancer with these services:

Cancer Society Recommends HPV Vaccine Guidelines

Women and girls considering getting the new human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine should remember this: the shots do not protect you against all types of HPV and regular cervical cancer screenings are still important.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) recently released guidelines for those who should get the new vaccine, called Gardasil, which was approved last year ... Continue reading Cancer Society Recommends HPV Vaccine Guidelines

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Ovarian Cancer: Not So Silent?

By Christine Haran

Medical Reviewer:
Dean Cunningham, MD

Doctors and cancer advocates have traditionally been at a loss when it comes to making recommendations to women for the early detection of ovarian cancer. Not only is there no effective screening tool, it is not associated with any signature symptom. As a result, ovarian cancer is often ... Continue reading Ovarian Cancer: Not So Silent?

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When Mom Gets Cancer

By Jane Schwartzman

In the car alone, struggling to see as my eyes filled with tears, I just needed to get home and hold my kids tight and never let them go. How the hell was I going to tell them?! The fear bomb I was going to have to drop on them was worse than the fear I was having myself about the unknown cancer in my body. They would never forget this. Ho ... Continue reading When Mom Gets Cancer

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