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Caffeine's Surprising Health Benefits

by Stacey Colino

You love it. You crave it. You can't start your day without it -- your morning cup of coffee or tea, that is. In fact, in a recent Live Right Live Well poll, 79 percent of you said you would rather give up sweets and alcohol than caffeine.

Good news! Despite previous concerns to the contrary, "caffeine consumption up to ... Continue reading Caffeine's Surprising Health Benefits

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Destiny: Is it in the Genes?

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Women are four-times as likely to develop arthritis, nine-times as likely to have lupus, and twice as likely to have multiple sclerosis. Men, on the other hand, are four-times as likely to develop autism and twice as likely to develop Parkinson's. Why do these diseases affect men and women differently?

"The clinical observa ... Continue reading Destiny: Is it in the Genes?

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Take Charge of Your Health!

By Michael Castleman

You're sick. Or something has been bothering you. Or it's time for your annual checkup. You make an appointment to see your doctor.

Years ago, that was it. The doctor asked some questions, examined you, ordered some tests, maybe gave you a prescription and then sent you on your way.

No longer. Today, ... Continue reading Take Charge of Your Health!

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Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough

Ovarian cancer. It's called the silent killer, and less than half of women diagnosed with it will live five years. But now, a special kind of chemotherapy lets them live longer.

Grandmother Mable Parr should be a natural at driving a videogame racecar. For 21 years, she drove a school bus and a tractor. But last July, she hit a life-changing bump. "Every ti ... Continue reading Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough

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The Secret to a Happier You

By Stacey Colino

If you believe your happiness hinges on finding a better job or a bigger house, or if you suspect you're destined to have a downbeat disposition because your dad had one, think again. "Your happiness level isn't set in stone, and it's a myth that you're either born naturally happy or you aren't," says Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., profess ... Continue reading The Secret to a Happier You

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Detecting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in the United States. Figures from the American Cancer Society show more than 35 percent of woman over 40 are not getting screened for the disease. If you're afraid to get tested, don't be.

Brenda Rosier has had mammograms before. Her thoughts? "Cold. Hard. Painful," she says.

A mammogr ... Continue reading Detecting Breast Cancer

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Olympic Cyclist Puts a New Spin on Arthritis Awareness

World Champion cyclist Kristin Armstrong, 34, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis nearly seven years ago. Already an accomplished tri-athlete, slowing down wasn't an option so she turned to cycling as a sport that would be easier on her joints. Through hard work and determination, she is now preparing to compete as a cyclist in the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, ... Continue reading Olympic Cyclist Puts a New Spin on Arthritis Awareness

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SAGE: Minnesota's Cancer Screening Program

The Sage Screening Program (formerly the Minnesota Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program) is a statewide comprehensive breast and cervical cancer screening program whose primary objective is to increase the proportion of age-appropriate women who are screened for breast and cervical cancer with these services:

Five Secrets for Happy and Healthy Hearts: Medicine Mom

When it comes down to it, we all want one thing in life: To be happy. And, it is when we achieve this state of mental bliss that our bodies tend to follow suit. You see with each chuckle and grin, our hearts pump stronger and our bodies become energized, setting the stage for joyful and healthful years to come.

So, in appreciation of Valentine's Day, I felt it appropri ... Continue reading Five Secrets for Happy and Healthy Hearts: Medicine Mom

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Perimenopause: Puberty in Reverse

Laura Mueller, MD, an Ob/Gyn doctor with Park Nicollet Clinic has been interested in menopause for more than a decade. She spent a good part of her career preparing women for what to expect during perimenopause (the years leading up to menopause) and beyond. Today, she is even more in tune with what to expect.

"I started studying menopause way before I was going through ... Continue reading Perimenopause: Puberty in Reverse

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Simple Ways for Busy Moms to Look and Feel Younger

The challenges of being a Gen X mom are more demanding than ever. Whether it's alternating between soccer practices and ballet recitals or library nights and professional careers, keeping all the balls in the air can take a toll on a mom's state of mind, as well as the state of her appearance. In response to these everyday challenges, moms are finding ways to feel better and look youn ... Continue reading Simple Ways for Busy Moms to Look and Feel Younger

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