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Notable Minnesota Moms: Chris Freytag

Author, fitness professional
"Prevention's Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss"

by JulieBurton

Chris Freytag is an exercise enthusiast. She exudes energy (even over the telephone line). She is committed to making Minnesotans healthier people and has done that through various forms of educating. Her exercise videos, articles in Preve ... Continue reading Notable Minnesota Moms: Chris Freytag

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Are You Fit or Fat?

By Michael Castleman

It's hard to resist quick-and-dirty medical tests. After all, they're fast, easy, cheap and noninvasive. The only problem is that their accuracy is limited. For the past several decades, the standard quick-and-dirty test for obesity has been the Body Mass Index (BMI): Multiply your weight in pounds by 703, and divide the result by ... Continue reading Are You Fit or Fat?

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Date Your Mate: Ten Ideas That Work for New Moms

by Arlene Pellicane

Although the advice here is aimed at new mothers, it works for moms of all ages and stages!

When baby makes three, someone is often left out. Can you guess who? Where does the new father, former star of his home, fit into this new world of round the clock feedings, diapers, and laundry?

Mo ... Continue reading Date Your Mate: Ten Ideas That Work for New Moms

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