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Hand Knitted Toddler Sweaters That Give Back

Sweaters by Lee are unique, all original designs & hand knitted by Lee. Moms love the fact that the sweaters are MACHINE WASHABLE and AFFORDABLE at $45.00.

Since 2006 for every sweater sold a portion of sales have been donated to charity.  With current economic hard times, for every sweater purchased Sweaters by Lee will donate 100% to Long Island Cares ... Continue reading Hand Knitted Toddler Sweaters That Give Back

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Kids That Go Bump in the Night

By Aviva Patz

You've survived the up-every-two-hours newborn period, and you're finally slumbering peacefully through the night. Out of nowhere, your toddler starts showing up like an uninvited guest at all hours. "I lost my blankie," she says. "I'm thirsty." "I wanted to give you one more hug." There's a million reasons your merry wanderer may give f ... Continue reading Kids That Go Bump in the Night

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Being a Better Buddy

By Cindy Schweich Handler

Toddlers love to play with their pals, but as any parent who's refereed a preschool playdate knows, learning how to get along with each other isn't always fun and games. "Kids this age are the most energetic and impulsive that they're going to be their whole lives, and they have short attention spans," says Michele Borba, Ed. ... Continue reading Being a Better Buddy

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Beating the New Baby Blues

By Jacqueline Mroz

When Paula Costa gave birth to a baby girl a few months ago, she expected her son, Alec, 2, to have a hard time adjusting. But she didn't expect him to take his aggression out on her.

"Initially, he wasn't interested in the baby, but he'd have tantrums with me," says Costa, of Glen Ridge, NJ. "He would get really orne ... Continue reading Beating the New Baby Blues

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How Many Friends Are Enough?

By Vanessa Voltolina

Four-year-old Ryan McLynn of Hopewell Junction, N.Y., has no problem making friends. "Ryan will just go up to other kids on the playground and ask 'do you want to play with me?'" says mom Susan. But his sister, Kerry Ann, was always very cautious making social connections. "When Kerry Ann was a toddler, she would only be friends w ... Continue reading How Many Friends Are Enough?

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The Magic of Make Believe

By Aviva Patz

Parents have always wanted to provide their children with as much enrichment as they can. Today, that means even three- and four-year olds spend their days flitting from soccer to music to swim lessons with hardly a break in between. But the best research shows that what kids need most for optimum growth and development is good old-fashi ... Continue reading The Magic of Make Believe

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You Can Do It!

By Jacqueline Mroz

When Julia Gaspar-Bates' 17-month-old daughter feeds herself, it's not a pretty sight. Food is everywhere -- in the toddler's hair, on her high chair and on the floor. But it's a definite improvement. In the few months since little Talia started spooning out her own yogurt and cereal, she's gotten much better. Sometimes, she even gets most of t ... Continue reading You Can Do It!

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Never Can Say Good-bye

By Aviva Patz

It's exhilarating to be the center of your child's universe -- until you go to answer the phone or use the bathroom and your child screams bloody murder and clings to your legs. Separation anxiety tends to kick in around the first birthday, when your baby is aware that there's only one mommy and that you still exist even when you're out of vie ... Continue reading Never Can Say Good-bye

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Getting Outdoors With Your Toddler

As the weather warms and families come out to play, moms and dads often wonder how they can keep their toddler busy outdoors while spending quality time together. There's no need to stock up on hundreds of dollars worth of toys or fancy games. Just a few strategic playthings powered by children and their imaginations are all parents need to get outdoors with their toddler ... Continue reading Getting Outdoors With Your Toddler

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Stopping the Bottle

It's very common for young toddlers to get attached to their bottles. They tend to have bottles with them much of the time, so a bottle means more than just nourishment - it becomes a source of comfort and security.

But it's important for parents to start weaning babies from bottles around the end of the first year and start getting them comfortable drinking from cups. ... Continue reading Stopping the Bottle

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Not Just By the Books

By Aviva Patz

When it comes to reading, your child's first -- and most important -- teacher is you. "Children who have been read to since birth have a distinct advantage when it comes to learning to read," says Kathy Barclay, Ed. D., professor of early childhood education and reading at Western Illinois University. "They've had thousands of hours of what we might call ' ... Continue reading Not Just By the Books

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Picky Eating May Be Inherited From Parents

You spent an hour whipping up a feast you're convinced your little one will love, only to have the meal met with a stuck-out tongue and a tantrum. Wondering why even the most appealing offerings get the thumbs-down from your little diner? It might have more to do with your genes than your culinary skills.

A new study shows that kids' tendencies to be finicky about food ... Continue reading Picky Eating May Be Inherited From Parents

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Toddlers - Tempest in a Tot

By Anne Harth


They can make your knees wobble, your palms sweat and your smile quiver.

Having a toddler is undoubtedly hard work but it can be as blissful as it is difficult. With patience, planning and lots of love, your efforts will help your toddler feel secure and important as he continues his developmental journey. He will ... Continue reading Toddlers - Tempest in a Tot

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Fair and Square

By Patricia Berry

Luca Campbell, age four, didn't want to give up his bedroom to a visitor. Who could blame him? He'd worked hard helping his mom Alison, of Allentown, Pa. set up his space just the way he liked it. Now, Grandma was moving in for a few days -- and Luca was moving out. Eventually, he helped get the room ready, making space in his closet and putting ... Continue reading Fair and Square

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The Super Helper: Your Mature Toddler, 23 - 32 Months

"The world is me," says your toddler.

You will spend more time listening. It takes a lot of time for toddlers to share all the wonderful things they are discovering. Your older toddler is still busy but will spend longer amounts of time playing at one thing. Your toddler has explored the world with eyes, mouth, hands, and legs; now comes exploring by thinking. Here are ... Continue reading The Super Helper: Your Mature Toddler, 23 - 32 Months

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