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Not the Same Old Tax Return

New rules for this year's tax season

by Julie Meany, Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Inc

Few things induce more anxiety this time of year than the looming April 15 tax return file deadline. As you begin the process this year, keep in mind that changes to the tax rules could affect your tax liability and possi ... Continue reading Not the Same Old Tax Return

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Tax Tips, Updates, and More

By Doreen Carter

Its tax time and everyone is looking for deductions that would ensure them a refund or at least reduce their tax liability. From charitable contributions to hiring one of your children to work in your business is available to you through the IRS tax code. You just need to know how. Well, I have identified a few tax tips and changes that may actually help you ... Continue reading Tax Tips, Updates, and More

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Using E-Government

By Elizabeth Wasserman

Alice Marshall admits to being a procrastinator. She's always registering her car or paying her taxes at the very last minute. That's why Marshall, who runs a busy public relations agency in Virginia, is so ecstatic that more and more government services are now offered over the Internet.

"It's one less trip you have to make, one less th ... Continue reading Using E-Government

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