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Kids That Go Bump in the Night

By Aviva Patz

You've survived the up-every-two-hours newborn period, and you're finally slumbering peacefully through the night. Out of nowhere, your toddler starts showing up like an uninvited guest at all hours. "I lost my blankie," she says. "I'm thirsty." "I wanted to give you one more hug." There's a million reasons your merry wanderer may give f ... Continue reading Kids That Go Bump in the Night

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Basic Instinct: The Sleep-Deprived New Mom

by Rachel Swardson-Wenham

I was so afraid that I would find out, only after my baby was born, that I had no maternal instinct, that I lacked the chromosomal manual that would allow me to coast through motherhood. I quickly learned that I did have some level of maternal instinct. But within a few weeks of motherhood it seemed like my instinct for slee ... Continue reading Basic Instinct: The Sleep-Deprived New Mom

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Ten Tips for a Great Night's Rest

According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 70 million Americans report they have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep every night. Have we become a nation of the eternally drowsy?

With hectic schedules and a variety of life commitments, women are living more versatile lives. But this new dynamic might be one of the reasons that 67 percent of ... Continue reading Ten Tips for a Great Night's Rest

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Beat Insomnia Now

By Lambeth Hochwald

Sleep can be an elusive thing. Experience a couple nights of tossing and turning in bed, and it's all too tempting to reach for a sleep aid. But before you do, consider that several recent studies conducted at major institutions all over the country show that, despite their ordinary nature, simple behavioral strategies -- like going to b ... Continue reading Beat Insomnia Now

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Can a 15-Minute Procedure Stop Your Snoring?

By Karen Barrow

For every husband or wife who has been driven from the bedroom as a result of his or her spouse's snoring, there may be hope. A new treatment designed to reduce snoring seems to be effective in quieting the nighttime ruckus in a majority of patients.

The treatment, called a palatal implant, is an outpatient surgical procedure that w ... Continue reading Can a 15-Minute Procedure Stop Your Snoring?

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For Many Women, a Good Night's Sleep Is a Dream

Sleep-deprived, drowsy and relying on caffeine to stay alert. Is that you or someone you know? According to a new poll released by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), it's the day-to-day reality for the majority of American women.

Six out of 10 adult women in America say they do not get a good night's sleep a few nights a week and more than two-thirds say they f ... Continue reading For Many Women, a Good Night's Sleep Is a Dream

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Sleep and Pre-Schoolers

Sleep helps kids grow strong and healthy. Preschoolers typically sleep about 10 to 12 hours during each 24-hour period, but there's no reason to be rigid about which 10 to 12 hours these are. At this stage, the important thing is to help your child develop good habits for getting to sleep.

Establishing a Bedtime Routine
A bedtime routine is a great w ... Continue reading Sleep and Pre-Schoolers

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Night Terrors and Your Child

Most parents have comforted their child after the occasional nightmare. But if your child has ever experienced what's known as a night terror (or sleep terror), his or her fear was likely inconsolable - no matter what you tried.

A night terror is a sleep disruption that seems similar to a nightmare, but with a far more dramatic presentation. Though night terrors ... Continue reading Night Terrors and Your Child

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