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Easy Ideas for Creating Custom, Memorable Holiday Cards

Even with the popularity of using e-mail, social media, and texting to communicate with friends and family, holiday cards continue to be a time-honored tradition. In fact, according to a survey from holiday cards and thank you cards retailer, 43 percent of Americans prefer a greeting card from a loved one instead of $10, and 63 percent think sending a special occasi ... Continue reading Easy Ideas for Creating Custom, Memorable Holiday Cards

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I Love Thanksgiving

by Sharon MacDonell

Just when I thought we had no Thanksgiving tradition at all, my daughter taught me that tradition is simply whatever we do.

When I was a kid my mother rose early on Thanksgiving morning to wrestle with the turkey and jam it full of rosemary-scented stuffing before putting it in the oven. The house smelled of ... Continue reading I Love Thanksgiving

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Keeping Fit Over the Holidays

By Nancy Gottesman

Amid parties and presents, decorating and travel, and the general holiday hubbub, finding time to exercise can be a real challenge. "Exercise requires discipline, and it can be difficult to hold strong with so many holiday celebrations and obligations," notes Jenny Breuer, director of the fitness and wellness programs at Trinity Uni ... Continue reading Keeping Fit Over the Holidays

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Approach Alcohol Consumption with Caution During the Holidays: Your Health

By Rallie McAllister

As the holiday season approaches, many Americans will be celebrating with a glass of good cheer. While drinking a little alcohol can help you relax and enjoy the festivities, drinking a little too much can lead to embarrassing lapses in judgment, among other undesirable consequences.

If you don't want to end up wearing ... Continue reading Approach Alcohol Consumption with Caution During the Holidays: Your Health

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Easter After the Bunny

by Deb McLeod

Easter can be a fun time for young children. Maybe it's the allure of the Easter bunny or the promise of a basket full of candy, but whatever it is, Easter appeals greatly to the young child.

Older kids might understand the true meaning of Easter and celebrate that, but feel left out of all the other festivities. How can y ... Continue reading Easter After the Bunny

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Listen to Holiday Music

Here's an idea if you'd like to listen to Christmas music while you're doing last minute online shopping, scrambling to finish work, or playing that restful game of Solitaire. is an internet radio station where you can create stations based on artists or song preference. For the holidays, they've built a way to create holiday play list ... Continue reading Listen to Holiday Music

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Great Gifts for Girls under $25

by Nicole LaMarco

If you're trying to figure out the right gifts to purchase for the girls in your family, there are plenty of choices to pick from. You can find a wide range of gifts for a reasonable price of under $25. Here are some of the best ideas you might want to consider.

Girls Gifts: Dolls
The baby doll g ... Continue reading Great Gifts for Girls under $25

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Great Gifts For Boys Under $25

by Nicole LaMarco

Are you still looking for the perfect gifts for boys in your family this holiday season? If so, you'll find plenty of suggestions for gifts that are perfect for all ages and for all budgets with prices under $25 on all of the items.

Building Toys as Gifts
One of the classic gifts for boys, as wel ... Continue reading Great Gifts For Boys Under $25

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The Recipe for Bite-sized Holiday Baking

The holidays supply an endless array of mouth-watering treats. Miniature versions of favorite desserts are perfect for holiday entertaining, especially when grouped together on a dessert buffet. This season try bite-sized, scrumptious cookies and candies to share new flavors with your friends and family.

Instead of baking massive batches of cookies, your dessert bu ... Continue reading The Recipe for Bite-sized Holiday Baking

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Easy Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season

Your life is busy any time of the year, but with the holidays comes a longer to-do list and more stress. So, how can you embody the giving spirit of the season in an efficient way without breaking the bank (or your back)?

There are easy ways to give back during the holiday season if you just get a little creative and make a resolution to share.

FrugalMom's Guide to Holiday Entertaining

By Angela Heidt

Yes, it is that time again. While some of us get giddy with excitement at the thought of the holidays just around the corner, many of us simply cringe when they consider how much it is going to cost, especially if it is up to you to host a holiday party or dinner. Fortunately there are some ways to skimp on the ingredients of a great p ... Continue reading FrugalMom's Guide to Holiday Entertaining

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Day-to-night Fashion Solutions for the Holidays

We all know the holiday season is hectic. From finding the perfect gifts for family and friends to preparing that special dish, we run around scrambling to get everything together -- including ourselves -- at the last minute.

Between holiday shopping and credit card debt, traveling to attend large family gatherings and cocktails parties, and balancing work, all the ... Continue reading Day-to-night Fashion Solutions for the Holidays

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Crafty Holiday Gift-Giving

by Katriena Knights

In these uncertain economic times, the holiday season might prove even more of a challenge than usual. With holiday gift-buying a strain on the budget even at the best of times, this year might be a good one to look into alternatives.

One way to reduce the holiday budget while spending more time with your kids is to ... Continue reading Crafty Holiday Gift-Giving

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Family Volunteering During the 'Me-Centered' Holidays

by C.J. Renner

The holiday season is one of the best times to be a kid: the gifts, the vacation from school, the parties... it's no wonder they can get a little "me centered" that time of year. But the joy of spoiling them also comes with the guilt of spoiling them. Older traditions like caroling or seeing relatives during the holidays can help keep the holidays f ... Continue reading Family Volunteering During the 'Me-Centered' Holidays

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Taking on the Turkey: Simplifying Thanksgiving

Every autumn, families look forward to the day dedicated to an overwhelming amount of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing - and giving thanks. However, for those in charge of this meal, Thanksgiving can more stressful than satiating. Whether these chefs are in charge due to their renowned culinary creations or because it's their turn to host, the truth is, many feel that the holi ... Continue reading Taking on the Turkey: Simplifying Thanksgiving

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Fashion Forward Holidays with Key Accessories

Holiday season is here and it's time to look great with the latest in fashion trends and styles. Especially in this economic climate, women want to update their look without the cost of couture or the difficulty of understanding how to wear what they see on the runway.

Finola Hughes, award-winning actress and host of The Style Network's "How Do I Look?" says many ... Continue reading Fashion Forward Holidays with Key Accessories

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Single Parenting for the Holidays

Do more than just survive the holidays

by Katriena Knights

It's the ultimate family time--the holidays bring everyone together for meals, gift giving, catching up with relatives, showing off the kids--but your family isn't quite what it used to be. You're a single mom now, and all the usual family holiday traditions don't fit q ... Continue reading Single Parenting for the Holidays

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Holiday Stress: It's Not Just for Parents Anymore

Heather MacLeod, LICSW
Children's Physician Network

It's no secret that holidays can be stressful for adults: Family gatherings, elaborate meals, holiday shopping... It's often something we look forward to, only to suffer utter exhaustion when it's all over. So how can families help kids from becoming stressed and over-tired in the midst of all ... Continue reading Holiday Stress: It's Not Just for Parents Anymore

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Top Five Spices to Add Zing to Holiday Baking

It's hard to imagine a festive winter holiday without the aroma of baking wafting through our homes. Certain spices -- such as allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and vanilla -- claim the holidays as their own.

"Baking is an integral part of the holidays, and there are certain spices that are integral to the holiday baker," says Kendall McFarland, product development ... Continue reading Top Five Spices to Add Zing to Holiday Baking

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Party Planning Online

By Elizabeth Wasserman

The holidays are always a hectic time of year. Knowing this, Kimberly Notarianni decided to take full advantage of the Internet to streamline the planning of her annual holiday cookie exchange. She signed on to Evite to send her invitations and keep track of RSVPs. She even set it up to automatically generate thank-you notes after the gathering is over.< ... Continue reading Party Planning Online

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