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Tracking Down College Scholarships

We hear often from parents, "I'd love for my son/daughter to get accepted to their dream school...but I'm very nervous about how to pay for it."

Even if you're in a more comfortable income bracket, scholarships can go a long way to making the college-going years less of a financial burden. Here are our top tips on getting started:

The ... Continue reading Tracking Down College Scholarships

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Scholarships for Student Athletes

High school student athletes now have the chance to score some extra cash for college. The National Milk Mustache "got milk?" Campaign, in partnership with USA Today, is announcing the call for entries for the 14th annual Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year (Sammy) Award program. The Sammy Awards recognize 25 outstanding high school senior student athletes who repre ... Continue reading Scholarships for Student Athletes

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Want to Go Back to School?

ProjectWorkingMom is a scholarship program that provides college funding for working moms and dads. To date, the program has awarded nearly $6 million in scholarships. This year, the program is awarding another $5 million in full-ride scholarships. The program is made possible by its sponsors, including The Tyra S ... Continue reading Want to Go Back to School?

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College Test Prep with a Bite

Each year, millions of students gear up for a battery of pre-college testing. In order to help students do their best, Americans spend about $4 billion dollars on classes, tutors, study guides and books.

While helpful, many test prep resources can be dull, making it more difficult for students to stay focused. To help make effective test prep more engaging, Wiley ... Continue reading College Test Prep with a Bite

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Should Students Take a Year Off After High School?

As your high school seniors race to finish college applications or wait nervously for early decisions, some may be having doubts about being ready for college. Here are some things for you and your child to consider.

by Bob Roth

As High School students approach their senior year, an important question sometimes arises. Are they ... Continue reading Should Students Take a Year Off After High School?

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I Need to Go Back to School if I Expect to Earn More - Think Again

The door has been unlocked. There are more women than ever in high-paying jobs. Yet most working women, even those in management, are clustered into predominately female jobs and career paths. These women are almost always lower-paid than men and women who work in male-dominated positions. None of us can single-handedly change the way things operate in corporate America. But, we can c ... Continue reading I Need to Go Back to School if I Expect to Earn More - Think Again

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Never Too Early to Save for College

by Dawn Renner CPA, MBA
Management Accounting Group Ltd.

Congratulations, you're a new parent receiving well wishes from friends and family. It also appears your lil' tike is the beneficiary of cash gifts for his or her future. What should a parent do with these funds?

A smart solution is to open a Section 529 college savings plan for you ... Continue reading Never Too Early to Save for College

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