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Ham and Egg Breakfast Burritos

Chock-full of ham and eggs, these tasty burritos are a welcomed treat for the first meal of the day. For the family on the run, no need to skip having a hot, nutritious breakfast. Make a batch of these burritos and wrap them individually in plastic wrap, then freeze. On those mornings when you're in a hurry, just unwrap a burrito from its plastic wrap and re-wrap it in a white pap ... Continue reading Ham and Egg Breakfast Burritos

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Big Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight

by Nicole Gregory

It's those cravings that do us in -- cookies, ice cream, potato chips. The answer, however, is not to banish snacks from your home or to force yourself to resist those cravings through sheer strength of will. The key, according to a surprising new study, is to eat a big breakfast high in complex carbs and protein.

Eating a big breakf ... Continue reading Big Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight

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Capture Summer Flavors

There is nothing more tantalizing than the sweet tastes of summer's harvest, especially the abundance of juicy, colorful berries bursting with flavor that line the shelves of local grocery stores and farmer markets. Whether eaten as a treat or used in a main dish, ripe summer fruit provides endless possibilities.

Smoothies are a great way to enjoy the delicious f ... Continue reading Capture Summer Flavors

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Bubble Loaf

This breakfast recipe is gooey but tasty and can be a lot of fun to make. It was always a challenge for mom to keep us from picking, prodding, and poking at this fun breakfast treat while the bread dough was rising. And even more of a challenge to keep us from burning our hands and mouths on it after this sticky, gooey treat came out of the oven. It gets its name from the fact ... Continue reading Bubble Loaf

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