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Sniffle-proof your whole family

This isn't just the start of holiday season; it's germ season as well. That's why many of us will be hacking away and looking a lot like Rudolph before winter is over. "The average adult gets one to three respiratory illnesses each year, and women, especially if they're moms, tend to catch even more," says Charles Gerba, an environmental microbiologist at the University of Arizona and ... Continue reading Sniffle-proof your whole family

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When to Keep a Sick Child Home

It's cold and flu season, which means plenty of moms are facing that age-old parenting dilemma: Do I send my coughing, sniffly child to school? And if I make the wrong choice, will the school nurse call a few hours later asking me to take him back home?

Figuring out when to keep your child home from school and when he's well enough to go back isn't always eas ... Continue reading When to Keep a Sick Child Home

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Feed the Immune System for the Cold and Flu Season

Our immune systems are smart. The immune system, when exposed to new flu and cold viruses, learns to recognized and react to seasonal strains of the invaders. The system also remembers bugs it has seen before. But we're a mobile society -- each year, world travel brings new strains of germs and virus home, forcing the immune system to deal with new invaders it has never seen. This ... Continue reading Feed the Immune System for the Cold and Flu Season

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Surviving Cold Season

By Michael Castleman

Last year Jane McGee swore by Airborne®, the cold remedy "created by a teacher." All winter long, the New York-based jewelry maker dropped Airborne® tablets into glasses of water and felt reassured that the fizzy concoction would help her fend off colds. But since then, the Federal Trade Commission charged Airborne with false adve ... Continue reading Surviving Cold Season

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